CMC tracked aerial lifts are the fastest around, featuring a new turbo hydraulics system that allow multiple boom operations simultaneously.


We know that with extreme heights comes fear & danger. Our tracked lifts are designed with the top safety technology available to ensure comfort.


CMC tracked aerial lifts are designed & manufactured with reliability in mind. Having a machine to perform day in & day out is invaluable.


Our tracked aerial lifts are designed to excel in multiple fields of work, due to their compact size, working height, and extreme side reach.


In case there is ever a problem, we have a team of experienced technicians (up to 23 years of experience), that will travel anywhere in the world to service your crawler lifts.


We have a large & rapidly growing network of service and rental centers across the United States that can provide service for our tracked spider lifts.

Multiple Industries

Our tracked aerial lifts serve all.

Tree Care

Tree Care is one of the most rugged industries in the world. Intense labor, dangerous work, extreme heights, & various weather conditions make tree care a very rough industry. Coming from a tree care business with 25+ years in the industry, we know what it's like and how important it is to have equipment perform day in and day out. Reliability is the number one factor to making profits in the tree care business. With the dangers of working at heights, safety is our top priority among our tracked aerial lifts. Our CMC tracked aerial lifts are designed & engineered with next-gen safety features & sensors.

The Rental Industry

Reliability and Return On Investment. This is what Rental companies and contractors seek out, and this is what All Access Equipment provides. Our tracked lifts by CMC are designed to work around the clock, with little-to-no maintenance. Our new lithium ion battery options provide the advantage to work a full shift without having to worry about fuel, acids, or plugging in to recharge. Rent a lift out to an electrician or construction worker during the day, a glass cleaner at night, and the same lift to a tree care company on the weekend. With working height up to 83 ft, these track mounted aerial lifts will enter virtually any doorway and are built to work -- wherever, whenever.

Facility Maintenance

CMC track mounted aerial lifts are the most versatile around. We realize that there are some very difficult jobs to access, and we are here to provide the perfect solution. Our lifts are designed to be able to fit where other machines cannot. Entering a standard 36" door and maneuvering through narrow hallways is no problem for our lifts with working heights up to 83 feet. Suddenly, glass cleaning in an atrium, or changing light bulbs above an indoor pool are no longer a problem thanks to these accessible & convenient tracked lifts.



Grimshaw Tree Service – Windsor, CT

aerial lift for tree care

“The CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro fits like a glove.”

Kevin Slavin, Frontier Tree – Red Bank, New Jersey

“An awesome machine! Safety and accessibility on point.”

“2 out of 3 tree services said the tree needed to be climbed. Accessibility and safety are key. Bucket truck wouldn’t fit, no climber needed, and no tire tracks left behind.”

Matt Buchs, ASAPS Tree Service – Indianapolis, Indiana

tree care lift

“We finished up a big trim job along a series of condos. Very few machines could setup in the tight areas we had to. Great tools go a long way.”

PJ Flay, Tree Surgeon – Catharpin, VA

“Always with style, we took 5 trees down from one single setting. Every time we use the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro, we are impressed again and again.”

Brad Faulkenberry – Faulkenberry Tree Solutions, Heath Springs, SC


“The CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro never misses a Monday.”

Shawn Emmons, Emmons Tree Service – New Milford, CT

Emmons Tree Service 83HD+ Arbor Pro

“We decided on this lift because of the damage in hard to reach areas. We have some great climbers and climbing will always be needed but the objective here is to make the job safer for the worker.”

Shawn Emmons, Emmons Tree Service – New Milford, CT

Emmons Tree Service

“I have to say this, I was skeptical at first about buying any of these new lift machines, but now that I purchased the CMC 83HD+, this is the best machine that I ever purchased.

It saves me a tremendous amount of time, now that my guys had about 6 weeks to get more familiar with the machine. Now they have a very good understanding of the machine and they do jobs incredibly fast, safe and efficient”.

Sue Emmit, Emmit Tree Pro

“The 72HD+ Arbor Pro is perfect for us, the size is just right.”

Dave Bedard, 4 Seasons Tree Service of Michigan – Oxford, MI


“Awesome and very good machine. Great service and technical support.”

Peter Helix, Tree Health Tree Care – Hicksville, NY

“Purchased the 83HD+ a few months ago and truck mounted it on a 2018 Isuzu NRR. I feel very good about my purchase. I use the lift EVERYDAY. Can’t believe how much work I got. Need a second one.”

John Haustein – Varsity Facility Services

Facility maintenance lift

“Use our CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro a majority of any given week. Lots of jealous contractors, tons of business opportunities when facility managers see the machine pull up out front, and plenty of curious bystanders.”

Chris Kusser

83HD+ tracked lift for tree care

We just got a CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro this year pretty nice for sketchy dead trees, can fit through a 3ft gate.”

Jake Allen

Owned mine since September, very high production machine and I’ve have had good luck with it. Just have to get used to how smart the machine is sensor wise but once u get the hang of it, it’s no biggie. It’s electric over hydraulic so it’s a little slower you just have to be smarter about your movements. Any good tree cutter will agree with that.”

Jonathan Salony


“That’s a good one man.”

Greg Hards – Buckeye Equipment

Tracked Lift Tree Work

The CMC is the best built machine on the market.”

John Murph

Best tree care lift

“Had CMC for almost 2 years and I love it.”

Stephen Bellich – Top Notch Tree Care LLC

backyard lift top notch tree care

“Sitting on 1 property line and spanning to the other property line for a lot clearing with the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro.”

Steve Evanicki

83HD+ Arbor Pro Boxford Tree Care

“CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro. No question, would be the wise choice.”

Brian Anderson – Doug’s Tree Service

Doug's Tree Service 83HD+ Arbor Pro

“The CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro is amazing.”

Jake Yankus – JJS Horticulture & Turf LLC

tracked lift

“I bought a CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro and love it. Much more suited for tree work then an Omme I feel by the way it’s built and drives. I’ve had it for a month and already got it in some crazy spots I didn’t think I could pull off.”

Jay Pratt – Arkansas Tree & Stump Removal

Arkansas Tree Care Lift

“The CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro is a good unit!”

Anthony Primola – Alpine Tree Specialists

Lift is worth every dollar there and more.”

David Decker

Excellent Tree Care Lift

“Very excellent company and awesome lift.”

Samuel Peyton

best aerial lift tree care

“Limited Access: Poolside – February 27th The customer] had 2-3 small trees overhanging his pool that were making pool maintenance a hassle because the site had limited access. A few weeks later we confirmed his appointment, tracked through the back gate (on mats) with our 83HD+ Arbor Pro and addressed a good portion of the canopies contributing to his maintenance headache.”

Andrew Lobel – Lobel Tree Service

“If you’ve climbed a tree, if you’ve been in a bucket truck, this is the next level.”

Alpine Tree Specialists – Anthony Primola

“Hitting all the angles pruning this huge Oak with the spider.Chasing dead wood would not have been fun. The 83HD+ Arbor Pro helps me get the job done faster & safer.”

“Couple Oak removals. One very sketchy uprooted into another right over a century old house. Not something I would have wanted to climb. It’s all about having the right equipment and great skilled professionals on the job.”

Bee and Bee Tree Service

“This lift fits just about anywhere!”

Jared Baxter – Get R Cut

“No problems getting into & setting up in this tight area with the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro.”

“Small courtyard, not much room to setup but the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro made it accessible.”

Julio Portillo Friendly Tree Service

After our company purchased the first CMC 83HD+ lift a few weeks ago, they were so impressed with this lift, that they immediately purchased a second unit and the same trailer.

The places we are able to take this lift take these lifts is just incredible.

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