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We provide simple solutions for difficult access. Our CMC tracked lifts offer compact dimensions and incredible reach in a very lightweight package. These lifts are safe, easy to operate, are fast and fun. They are the solution for difficult and previously impossible situations.

CMC Tracked Lifts are articulating, track mounted, aerial lifts. We also offer our a line of articulating loaders designed to fit in small places. Small packages, big reach.

Who We Are

We are the perfect combination of proven technology and knowledgeable engineers that have saved hundreds of contractors thousands of dollars with simple solutions that are safer and faster, for a fraction of the cost of old systems.

Why Us

"Simple solutions for difficult access."

We know that having a piece of equipment perform day in and day out is the most important factor for profits, so we only offer products which are of the highest quality and easiest to maintain.

What We Do

We offer a wide range of solutions including a full series of track mounted, articulating aerial lifts and articulated loaders.

Our CMC mounted/tracked lifts are high quality aerial lifts which make work faster, safer, and less expensive compared to existing and potentially dangerous manual systems such as: ladders, scaffolding, ropes, saddles, and swing staging. This applies to both residential and commercial function.

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In case there is ever a problem, we have a team of experienced technicians (up to 23 years of experience), that will travel anywhere in the world. You can also call us and reach us after hours most of the time, or you can simply connect the lift to any internet connection and we can "talk" to your machine anywhere in the world. 

We can also upgrade the operating system at any time. 

All of the above will save you time, and we know that time is money.

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Tracked CMC aerial lifts are not only built with rugged durability, they are also easier and less expensive to maintain than other lifts.

CMC S.r.L has a history of humble beginnings. CMC began as a service company, repairing aerial lifts and servicing everybody else’s equipment. After many years of dealing with equipment shortcomings and maintenance difficulties of other manufacturers, CMC began assembling their own lifts. CMC takes pride in carefully avoiding the mistakes other manufacturer’s built into their lifts.

Maintenance schedule

All CMC tracked aerial lifts come with detailed maintenance and service schedules so you know when and what to service.

Combustion engine

Most of the routine maintenance on your CMC tracked aerial lift is focused on the easily accessed engine. The lift comes with

Kubota parts are readily available at 1,100 Kubota dealers, 6,700 NAPA stores and 5,100 Auto Zone stores. Honda engines are also available directly through us or through the large Honda dealer network.


All joints and hinges of the CMC tracked aerial lift feature highest quality stainless steel pins and fittings. Regular greasing of these pins and fittings will greatly increase the life of your machine.

Boom adjustments

CMC's rubber track mounted aerial lifts have external boom adjusters to confirm there are tight tolerances. The adjusters turn with just a wrench.

Synthetic biodegradable hydraulic fluid

Lifetime biodegradable hydraulic fluid is included in every lift. Hydraulic filters need to be changed on a regular basis; however PANOLIN SYNTH 32 fluid will last as long as your lift.

Heavy duty tracked undercarriage

The heavy duty tracked undercarriage is designed to be twice as strong as necessary. Driving in difficult terrain can place immense strain on the wider chassis. It is imperative that these components be able to resist extreme use. Fewer moving parts and heavier duty construction means fewer breakdowns and virtually maintenance free reliability.

Scheduled service and repairs

Preventative maintenance is the key to a longer life for your access platform machine.  We offer you several options to meet your service needs, including:

  • Schedule your powered access lift (any brand) for a 6 month or 1 year maintenance service.
  • Or, take advantage of our weekly and monthly inspections option. 

Inspection certificates

Yearly safety inspections (every 13 months) are required by OSHA for all aerial work platforms. Have your CMC or other brand tracked aerial lift inspected annually by our highly trained service technicians.


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Where are these lifts manufactured?

Our lifts are manufactured in Italy.

Who is the manufacturer of these lifts?

The name of the manufacturer is called CMC (

CMC has a long history of manufacturing very large aerial lifts and are known for their high quality, heavy duty, reliable and “ruggedized” aerial lifts, that are easy to service and maintain with low LCO  (low operational costs). 

How safe are CMC lifts?

CMC is a leader in aerial lift safety and installs the most advanced safety devices and monitoring systems in the world, even in the their smallest lifts.

Are these lifts run by computers?

Lifts run by computers with spinning hard drives, is an urban myth and misinformation. Some lift manufacturers that still use old primitive systems, use this myth to cover up the fact that their lifts do not have modern safety devices. It is the equivalent of saying that drum brakes are better than disc brakes in a vehicle, because they don’t want to invest in new safer technology.  

Our lifts are run by the same reliable solid state automotive controllers, used in millions of cars/trucks, with no moving parts.

Just about every modern vehicle or machine today contains some sort of safety or operational electronic component. This is the reality of today. This includes even the smallest tools like chain saws. Electronic solid state components rarely fail. It is most often an operator error.

Why are lifts with electronic controllers better than lifts without them?

Controllers allow the lift to work much more smoothly without the dangerous jerkiness and roughness of a straight hydraulic lift. These controls also simplify and eliminate a lot of complicated, expensive hydraulic hoses and parts, which are expensive to repair and create a big mess when they fail.

This system also allows the lift to work faster and much safer.  This is especially necessary for dangerous industries such as the tree industry, which is one of the roughest and most reckless industries on this planet. Lifts without safety controllers should be avoided or retired. 

What makes CMC lifts better lifts than competitive lifts?

CMC’s “hands on approach” and superior engineering, paying attention to the small details and above all – “ listening to its customers”, is the difference between a great lift and a marginal lift.

CMC lifts have the distinctive advantages of being stronger built  - “ruggedized” with heavier duty parts, more reliable, faster operating, ergonomically designed to “work as an extension of the operator,” not against the operator,  they are easier to maintain with built in onboard diagnostics, internet connect ability for quick support and easy system upgradeability. 

CMC lifts are also equipped with more redundant safeties than any of the competitor lift in the world, giving the operator that additional safety margin.

Automatic features work in the background to save steps and reduce wasted time, such as automatic chassis self-leveling, which levels lift chassis in less than 30 seconds, no matter what position the outriggers are in. One button “home boom park feature”, which completely parks the booms automatically. 

An “automatic end of stroke hydraulic piston slow down” which automatically slows down the pistons at end of stroke, so it gives the operator a smoother ride.  Every extra step that can be saved and every minute of wasted time that can be eliminated, saves you money.

New “stiff boom technology”, engineered into every lift, makes CMC lifts a better and more comfortable and safer lift to work.     

More features and versatility means operators can do more projects done that other lifts cannot do, do it faster and safer, giving you the owner an edge over your competition.

CMC also has a different culture of product development. Since CMC’s humble beginnings started as a repair facility for other lifts, CMC has a “hands on” approach by working closely with operators, whether that be tree work, construction, glass cleaning, rental stores, painters, electricians or plumbers.  

Using top quality parts that will save you money in the long run and give the best LCO (lowest cost of ownership). Every seasoned business owner that runs equipment knows that little details such as installing grease fittings can make a big difference in repair costs.

What engines are installed on these lifts?

Most lifts are equipped with Kubota diesel engines. Some of the smaller lifts are equipped with Hatz diesel engines and Honda gas engines.

How do I maintain my CMC lift?

90% of the lift’s maintenance is upon the diesel or gas engine. You do have to change the engine oil and filter, replace the fuel filter and air filter, and occasionally grease the grease fittings with a grease gun. An occasional wash will help keep the lift clean.

What about the Service?

Every knowledgeable equipment owner knows and understands that machines can break and can have issues. Nothing worse than to purchase a piece of equipment without having good service and parts back up. This is something that needs to be considered before purchasing any piece of equipment.

Purchasing a piece of equipment without solid service and parts back up, will be a regretful experience.

All Access Equipment is staffed with the US and Canada’s best and most knowledgeable technicians with this type of equipment. CMC lifts have onboard diagnostics to quickly find a fault, service techs with the ability to give service advice to determine if the fault is pilot error or machine error, quickly diagnose any problem with a connection via the internet and in many major markets across the US and Canada, support you with local service. 

What about the training?

Documented lift hand over training is included with the sale of every lift. This training is mandatory and is done at time of lift delivery. Everybody needs to be trained.

Where can I purchase parts for CMC lifts?

You can also purchase any parts directly from our website parts store, which is available anytime 24/7, 7 days a week and shipped overnight for as early as 8am delivery at most locations in the US. You can also call us directly during regular business hours.

You can also purchase engine filters, fuel filters, air filters and diesel engine oil at 6,700 NAPA parts stores, 5,800 Auto Zone stores or any parts store. 

Hydraulic hoses and fittings can be purchased at any hydraulic shop or supply house.

Do the lifts come with a parts manual?

All lifts come with not only an owners/operator manual, but also a complete 3D exploded view, illustrated and numbered parts catalog.

What is the warranty on CMC lifts?

New CMC lifts come with a one year parts and labor warranty. 

Engine warranty by manufacturer (Kubota, Hatz, Honda).



Where are these loaders manufactured?

Our loaders are assembled in China, with many US parts such as Perkins/Caterpillar diesel tier 4 engines, Sauer/Danfoss hydraulic pumps, Turfmaster/Titan tires, with final minor assembly and complete final inspection done at our facility by our technicians in Wilmington, MA.

Where can I get parts for the loaders?

We stock many, many parts which can be purchased at our online parts store 24/7. Parts can be shipped overnight for as early as 8 am delivery to most areas in the US.

You can also purchase many parts locally since our engines are US made Perkins/Caterpillar tier 4, (assembled in Georgia). You can also get parts or service at any Perkins/Caterpillar dealer across the entire US and Canada. 

Parts and filters can also be purchased at any of the 6,700 NAPA stores, 5,800 Auto Zone stores, or any automotive parts store.

The hydraulic pump is a Sauer/Danfoss pump, (headquarters and warehouse in Rockford, IL). You can get parts or service at any hydraulic shop, including hydraulic hoses and fittings.

Tires on loaders are ordinary sizes and brands, such as Goodyear, Carlisle, Titan, easily purchased at any tire shop.

Replacement parts such as rearview side mirror, lights, windshield wiper blades, keys, can also be purchased at any parts stores such as NAPA, AutoZone or any parts store.

Where can I get service if I were to purchase a loader?

Our loaders are very easy to work on, since they are equipped with a number or easy access compartments. The entire top engine cover is hinged and tilts including the seat and kept open with a gas cylinder. This engine cover is easily accessed by removing one bolt from under the frame by the entry step. 

There are two additional large access hatches in the rear on the WL25, for easy service to engine fan and radiator.


On the WL35 and WL50, the entire cab hinges and tilts up via a hydraulically operated tilt cab jack, giving you access to the entire engine.  A large lockable tilt hatch in the rear, allows further easy access to the remainder of the engine, fan and radiator. The cab locks in place with one removable bolt, located by the left entry step.

 Service such as oil and filter changes can easily done by anyone capable of doing an oil and filter change (always dispose of used oil responsibly), or you can take it to any service repair shop capable of servicing equipment.

Do the loaders come with a parts manual?

All loaders come with not only an owners/operator manual, but also a complete 3D exploded view, illustrated parts catalog with part numbers.

A small tool box is also provided with tools for every loader.

Why do the loaders come without any implements?

Since there are nearly 200 different implements that can be attached to our loaders, we have chosen to sell the loaders without any implements

We would rather sell you what you will really need, rather than sell you some useless implement that you might never use. For example:

Buckets sizes start at 35” wide with available sizes of 48”, 60”, 72”, 84” and 96”. There are buckets with cutting edges and teeth for excavating or, light material/snow buckets that are smooth without a cutting edge. 

Grapples come in many different sizes and styles with single or dual hold arms. Some have open tines, others are a partial bucket with individual grapples.

Rotating log grapples come in many different sizes and styles. There are non- rotating grapples, partial rotating grapples and continuous rotating grapples. Sizes can be 36” to 52” wide.

Snow blowers come in sizes from 48” to 96”

Street brooms come in 60” to 96” lengths.

The available combinations are endless.  

What kind of warranty do the loaders have?

The loaders themselves have a one year warranty.

Perkins diesel engines come with a two year warranty. 


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