CMC tracked aerial lifts are the fastest around, featuring a new turbo hydraulics system.


We know that with extreme heights comes fear & danger. Our tracked lifts are designed with the top safety technology available to ensure comfort.


CMC tracked aerial lifts are designed & manufactured with reliability in mind. Having a machine to perform day in & day out is invaluable.

Multiple Industries

Our tracked aerial lifts serve all.

Tree Care

Tree Care is one of the most rugged industries in the world. Intense labor, dangerous work, extreme heights, & various weather conditions make tree care a very rough industry. Coming from a tree care business with 25+ years in the industry, we know what it's like and how important it is to have equipment perform day in and day out. Reliability is the number one factor to making profits in the tree care business. With the dangers of working at heights, safety is our top priority among our tracked aerial lifts. Our CMC tracked aerial lifts are designed & engineered with next-gen safety features & sensors.

The Rental Industry

Reliability and Return On Investment. This is what Rental companies and contractors seek out, and this is what All Access Equipment provides. Our tracked lifts by CMC are designed to work around the clock, with little-to-no maintenance. Our new lithium ion battery options provide the advantage to work a full shift without having to worry about fuel, acids, or plugging in to recharge. Rent a lift out to an electrician or construction worker during the day, a glass cleaner at night, and the same lift to a tree care company on the weekend. These track mounted aerial lifts are built to work -- wherever, whenever.

Facility Maintenance

CMC track mounted aerial lifts are the most versatile around. We realize that there are some very difficult jobs to access, and we are here to provide the perfect solution. Our lifts are designed to be able to fit where other machines cannot. Entering a standard 36" door and maneuvering through narrow hallways is no problem for our lifts with working heights up to 83 feet. Suddenly, glass cleaning in an atrium, or changing light bulbs above an indoor pool are no longer a problem thanks to these accessible & convenient tracked lifts.


Tracked Lifts
Tracked Aerial Lifts
Tracked Aerial Lifts


Our tracked aerial lifts are designed to excel in multiple fields of work, with various ranges of heights & tasks.


In case there is ever a problem, we have a team of experienced technicians (up to 23 years of experience), that will travel anywhere in the world to service your crawler lifts.

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We have a large & rapidly growing network of service and rental centers across the United States that can provide service for our tracked spider lifts.

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Check out some new photos of the 83HD+ Arbor Pro by CMC lift entering a 36" gate and driving on rough terrain to reach the job site! ...

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Ever have a tree work job that was impossible to access with a bucket truck? With our CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro, that is no longer an issue.

Simple Solutions for Difficult Access.

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The only compact tracked lift designed from the ground up for arborists, by arborists #83HD+ #allaccess #trackedlift

What colors match your company's brand? We offer 206 custom color options. #allaccess #trackedlift #aeriallift

Check out the 105HD+ doing roof & chimney work in Medicine Hat, AB! #allaccess #cmclift #trackedlift #aeriallift

With 2 joystick radio remote controls & basket control station, operating such an advanced lift is simple #allaccess

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