The CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro

The only tracked lift designed from the ground up for tree work, for arborists by arborists.

The CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro Advantage:

The new CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro is the only compact tracked mini lift designed from the ground up, specifically for the tree care industry.

Most competitor mini lifts were designed for interior use only. They are built extremely light and use light duty components.

83= 83 ft working height

HD= Heavy duty components for severe duty service

+ (plus) = Comes equipped with many standard features to increase your productivity and simplify operation: Simple two joystick basket control station, redundant radio remote controls for ground operation,  smooth and faster proportional hydraulic controls, automatic outrigger leveling, automatic boom park feature, automatic end of stroke piston speed slow down, automatic anti-collision system, adjustable on the fly track height and width adjustment (up to 14" ground clearance), stair climbing feature, wall (43") outrigger set up capability, multiple outrigger positions, automatic outrigger lock out.

Arbor Pro: Faster boom operational speeds, better hill climbing ability, available hydraulic tool option, available one-man fiberglass basket option, more redundant safety devices.

The ruggedized CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro combines superior engineering with advanced control technology, designed for severe duty. This lift combines more standard versatile features than any other lift in this class in the world. It is also one of the safest lifts you can operate and feel comfortable, as it comes equipped standard with more redundant safety devices to provide a safer work environment.

New stiff boom technology combined with high quality tight fitting components and an extra-large rotation bearing, contribute to the "rock solid feel" in any position of the lift.  Due to the lightness, competitor lifts are often flimsy, shaky, rickety and wimpy 

Additional features such as ability to "truck mount" this self-propelled lift, on an under CDL chassis (min 17,000 GVW to 19,000 GVW recommended), allows dual use of the lift, as a rear mount forestry bucket truck, due to the turret being mounted on the rear of the lift and the ability to enter a 36" gate with ONE lift. This is the only lift in the world capable of doing this feat. The 83HD+ Arbor Pro can easily replace two lifts for the price of one.

A new "turbo hydraulics" allows lift to operate "three functions at once, at full speed". This greatly speeds lift operation compared to the average bucket truck or any competitor lift which are only capable of operating one function at a time.

The Arbor Pro comes equipped with a single-man fiberglass bucket (24" x 24" x 39") with quick-connect bracket, outrigger piston protective covers, Kubota D-902 21.6 HP diesel engine, radio remote controls, hardwired MOBA basket control station, vertically & horizontally adjustable black rubber tracks, set of 4 sliding outrigger pads, storage box with on-board battery charger for radio remote, and the 12V emergency battery let down system.

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To learn more about how the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro operates in comparison to a bucket truck, click here.

CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro

Standard Features

83 ft working height
Up to 46 ft lateral outreach
43 ft up and over reach
35" wide transport mode (will enter virtually any doorway)
15" ground clearance with tracks
Turbo Hydraulics: operate 3 boom functions simultaneously
Automatic boom park
Self-load/unload and operate as a rear mount forestry bucket truck
Single-man fiberglass bucket with quick connect bracket (24" x 24" x 39")
Radio remote controls
Set of 4 sliding outrigger pads
Outrigger piston protective covers
Vertically/horizontally adjustable black rubber tracks
Kubota model D-902, 21.6 HP diesel engine
Hardwired MOBA basket control station
Storage box with on-board battery charger for radio remote
12V Emergency battery let down system


Standard Equipped: Kubota D-902 diesel engine 21.6 HP
Hybrid Option 1: Kubota diesel + 120v 20a plug-in electric motor
Hybrid Option 2: Kubota diesel + lithium ion batteries
Full battery option

Lithium Ion Batteries:

Lithium battery technology is one of the most important advances in tracked boom lift development in recent years. We want everyone in the world to benefit from this new enhanced performance technology that these modern batteries deliver.
Lithium batteries are a giant leap forward in battery technology, giving quick charging cycles, high power ratings, dramatically longer operating times and longer life, giving our clients excellent productivity, and cost-efficiency.
CMC lift range delivers on its promise of excellent performance, and easy-to-use, reliable operation.”


ANSI (TUV) and CSA certified
Meets & exceeds OSHA safety requirements
Emergency stop button in reach of operator at all times
Lock valves on all hydraulic cylinders
Waterproof safety switches
Redundant safety monitoring systems
Basket weight sensor & overload alarm: meets & exceeds new OSHA requirement
Lateral reach monitor and alarm for when maximum has been reached
Easy to use self-diagnostic LED display
Automatic chassis self-leveling
Automatic boom park
12V Emergency let-down system


Jib movement 90°
Turret rotation +/- 400°
Basket rotation +/- 90°
Maximum slope to stabilize 19° (34%)
Maximum slope approach angle 17° (32%)
Gradeability (maximum climbing angle) 19° (34%)*
Lightweight 8,642 lbs
Travel speed 0 - 2.2 ft/s (three speeds)

* This is the standard setting. The standard setting can be overridden to 31° (60.1%).
* For more detailed specifications, download the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro specsheet below.

Optional Features

Hybrid: Kubota diesel + 200 A lithium batteries
Full lithium battery power with built in battery charger. Should be paired with option 0000110. Kubota diesel is removed
Auxiliary 120v 20a plug in electric motor with charger for 12v battery. This is not a battery system. With this system, you can plug the machine in and use it on 100% AC electric power. This is in addition to the combustion engine
Non-marking grey tracks (replaces the standard black tracks) price is per set
High pressure air/water hoses routed internally from the ground to the basket - 2900PSI
120v Electric outlet in basket with extension cord through the booms
Additional basket: Removable single man aluminum basket 31.5" L x 23.6" W x 43.3" H. Basket support with wheels for easy handling is included
Additional basket: Removable two man made in USA 24" x 48" fiberglass basket equipped with basket quick connect bracket. If you only want the 2 man fiberglass basket and not the standard 1 man fiberglass basket, reduce this price by $1,000
Travel alarm
Warning light
1 Custom paint color: Choice of more than 200 colors. *No fluorescent or metallic colors*
2 Custom paint colors: Choice of more than 200 colors. *No fluorescent or metallic colors*
Hydraulic Tool Outlet
Biodegradable hydraulic fluid (non-toxic, natural fluid. For extreme cold or sensitive locations)
Ratchet straps (each. 4 are already included)
Specially designed outrigger pads (each) (4 are already included)
Set of 4 cavity outrigger pads
Track socks
Additional fall arrest aerial lift harness and lanyard kit including storage bag

Included In The Arbor Pro Kit

Arbor Pro Kit

See specsheet for more details