The CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro

The Best 60 Foot Lift For Tree Care

The 60HD+ Arbor Pro: The Best 60 Foot Tree Care Tracked Lift

The 60HD+ Arbor Pro tracked lift is designed with one of the roughest industries in mind - the tree industry. This heavy duty but simple 60 foot tree care lift is ideal for outdoor use. With 62 feet of working height and up to 38 feet of side reach the 60HD Arbor Pro has an extraordinary working advantage. There is simply no other lift in the market that is as high quality and can compare with these abilities. The 60 foot lift is easy to operate and it has extreme leveling capability of nearly 3 feet. The 60HD+ Arbor Pro is built head to toe with heavy duty and durable components. This lift operates with impressive fast and smooth boom speeds. Equipped with simple, all hydraulic toggle controls, this machine is easy to operate. It comes standard with a single-man aluminum basket, however it can be substituted for either a single-man fiberglass basket or a two-man fixed aluminum basket. At only 34.5" wide, this tracked aerial lift has the ability to enter through any 36" gate. It also has hydraulically adjustable tracks from 34" to 50" for stability on rough terrain. A powerful and large track drive system combined with heavy duty rubber tracks allows this lift to travel on the most extreme routes with ease.  This compact lift comes with simple hydraulic automatic outrigger leveling, as well as radio remote controls. Not to mention, the 60HD+ Arbor Pro is reasonably priced, making this tracked lift clearly the best all-around value for tree care industry.

Standard Features

62 ft working height
Up to 38 ft lateral outreach
35" wide (can enter virtually any doorway)
Single-man aluminum basket
485 lb basket capacity
Multi-setup outriggers: wide or narrow
Simple all hydraulic controls
Single-handed operation
Designed specifically for tree care
Radio Remote Controls
12V Battery backup
Automatic chassis leveling


Standard Equipped: Kubota Z602-E3B 16.8 HP diesel engine
Hybrid Option 1: Kubota Z602-E3B + 120v 20a plug-in electric motor


ANSI (TUV) and CSA certified
Meets & exceeds OSHA safety requirements
Emergency stop button in reach of operator at all times
Dual lock valves on all hydraulic cylinders
Chassis out of level safety system
Waterproof safety switches placed in well-protected positions
Redundant safety monitoring systems
Basket weight sensor & overload alarm: meets & exceeds new OSHA requirement
Easy to use self-diagnostic LED display
Automatic basket leveling


Turret rotation +/- 720°
Maximum slope to stabilize 28° (55%)
Maximum slope approach angle 31° (58%)
Gradeability (maximum climbing angle) 17° (30%)*
Lightweight 6,200 lbs
Travel speed 0-1.3 ft/s (three speeds)

* This is the standard setting. The standard setting can be overridden to 31° (60.1%).
* For more detailed specifications, download the CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro specsheet below.

Optional Features

Full lithium battery power (160A 48V) with built in electric charger (replaces Honda gasoline engine). We strongly recommend that you pair this with option 0000110
Hybrid: Honda gas engine (GX390) + 160ah lithium batteries. Kubota diesel is removed
Full lithium 200ah battery power with built in battery charger. Should be paired with option 0000110. Kubota diesel is removed
Auxiliary 120v 20a plug in electric motor with charger for 12v battery. This is not a battery system. With this system, you can plug the machine in and use it on 100% AC electric power. This is in addition to the combustion engine
Non-marking grey tracks (replaces the standard black tracks) price is per set
Double Travel Speed
High pressure air/water hoses routed internally from the ground to the basket - 2900PSI
120v Electric outlet in basket with extension cord through the booms
One-man fiberglass basket sized 31.5" L x 23.6" W x 43.3" H (replaces the standard aluminum one man basket)
Two-man fiberglass basket sized 47.2" L x 23.6" W x 43.3" H (replaces the standard aluminum single man basket)
180° Basket rotation +/- 90° each way, not recommended for single man basket
Travel alarm
Warning light
1 Custom paint color: Choice of more than 200 colors. *No fluorescent or metallic colors*
2 Custom paint colors: Choice of more than 200 colors. *No fluorescent or metallic colors*
Hydraulic Tool Outlet
Biodegradable hydraulic fluid (non-toxic, natural fluid. For extreme cold or sensitive locations)
Ratchet straps (each. 4 are already included)
Specially designed outrigger pads (each) (4 are already included)
Set of 4 cavity outrigger pads
Track socks
Additional fall arrest aerial lift harness and lanyard kit including storage bag
Additional set of keys (2 sets already included)

CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro

*Please Note: specific machines shown in videos & photos may be seen with optional features equipped. The standard basket for the 2019 CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro is a single-man aluminum basket, however a single-man fiberglass basket is an optional feature.