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The CMC 105HD+

The Ultimate Tree Care Lift For Extreme Heights

The 105HD+: The Ultimate 100 Foot Tracked Lift For Tree Care.

This 100 foot tracked lift is is the ultimate solution for tree care due to its 105 ft working height and 52 ft side reach. With the extreme reach capabilities, the 105HD+ model bristles with the most advanced aerial lift technology innovation providing a new dimension of speed by allowing three functions at once at full speed, articulating, telescoping, rotating turret, moving jib and rotating basket. In addition, the agility and maneuverability of this lift is unparalleled by any other lift in the world.

To truly get a feel for the lift, you must ride the lift to really appreciate the giant leap forward in technology that this lift provides against any existing technology. Being meticulously engineered to overcome the faults of other lifts, the first thing you immediately notice on this lift is the rugged and secure ride, as well as the boom speeds, precision, and smoothness of the controls. Our new advanced hydraulic technology increase reliability. For example, a new "hydraulic turbo feature", allows for even faster boom operation.

In conclusion, the CMC 105HD+ is a lift that everyone will appreciate, even our competitors.

To see the specsheet, click here.

Standard Features

105 ft working height
Up to 52 ft lateral outreach
10 ft below grade capability
485 lb basket capacity
15" of ground clearance with tracks
Turbo Hydraulics: operate 3 fast boom functions simultaneously
Special winterized features for cold starts
Radio remote controls
+/-90° Rotatable basket
Hybrid power
Only 16,050 lbs


Standard Equipped: Kubota D-902 E3B diesel engine 21.6 HP + 120v 20a plug-in electric motor
Hybrid Option 2: Kubota diesel + lithium ion batteries


ANSI (TUV) and CSA certified
Meets & exceeds OSHA safety requirements
Emergency stop button in reach of operator at all times
Dual lock valves on all hydraulic cylinders
Chassis out of level safety system
Waterproof safety switches placed in well-protected positions
Redundant safety monitoring systems
Basket weight sensor & overload alarm: meets & exceeds new OSHA requirement
Easy to use self-diagnostic LED display
Automatic basket leveling


Jib movement 135°
Basket rotation +/- 90°
Turret rotation +/- 400°
Total width (tracks in) 59.5"
Maximum slope to stabilize 8.3° (15%)
Maximum slope approach angle 16° (29%)
Gradeability (maximum climbing angle) 19° (34%)*
Weight: 16,050 lbs
Travel speed 0-1.5 mph (three speeds)
485 lb basket capacity

* This is the standard setting. The standard setting can be overridden to 31° (60.1%).
* For more detailed specifications, download the CMC 105HD+ specsheet below.


Optional Features

Hybrid: Kubota diesel + 200 A lithium batteries
Full lithium battery power with built in battery charger. Should be paired with option 0000110. Kubota diesel is removed
Auxiliary 120v 20a plug in electric motor with charger for 12v battery. This is not a battery system. With this system, you can plug the machine in and use it on 100% AC electric power. This is in addition to the combustion engine
Non-marking grey tracks (replaces the standard black tracks) price is per set
High pressure air/water hoses routed internally from the ground to the basket - 2900PSI
120v Electric outlet in basket with extension cord through the booms
Additional basket: Removable single man aluminum basket 31.5" L x 23.6" W x 43.3" H. Basket support with wheels for easy handling is included
Additional basket: Removable two man 24" x 48" fiberglass basket equipped with basket quick connect bracket
Travel alarm
Warning light
1 Custom paint color: Choice of more than 200 colors. *No florescent or metallic colors*
2 Custom paint colors: Choice of more than 200 colors. *No florescent or metallic colors*
Hydraulic Tool Outlet
Biodegradable hydraulic fluid (non-toxic, natural fluid. For extreme cold or sensitive locations)
Ratchet straps (each. 4 are already included)
Specially designed outrigger pads (each) (4 are already included)
Set of 4 cavity outrigger pads
Track socks
Additional fall arrest aerial lift harness and lanyard kit including storage bag