Tracked Aerial Lifts

All Access Equipment provides simple solutions for difficult access. Why pay more? CMC compact tracked lifts from All Access Equipment are the newest generation of self-propelled spider lifts designed with residential tree care in mind. Our lifts are fast, rugged, easy to use, made with lightweight steel and built with heavy-duty components for a long and reliable life. These spider lifts feature very simple and easy-to-operate single handed controls. They are proven to be extremely safe, reliable, and effective. Being manufactured in Bari, Italy we ensure you that these tracked spider lifts are of the highest quality, yet still priced 20% below competitive models and available in many sizes from 50’ up to 135’. Models with up to 83 ft of working height are compact enough to enter a standard 36"  doorway or gate.


tracked aerial lift

Nimble. Compact. Convenient.

CMC 72HD+ Arbor Pro

72 ft tree care lift

72 ft lift designed for specifically for tree care. (Coming soon)


60L Aerial Lift

Nimble & Compact With Extra Reach.

CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro

Tracked lift tree care


The only tracked lift designed from the ground up for tree work, for arborists by arborists.

CMC 60HD Arbor Pro60 ft aerial lift

The Best 60 Foot Lift For Tree Care.

CMC 83HD+ Atrium

Arbor Pro Track Lift


Access high glass, light bulbs, and ceilings with ease.

CMC 105HD+

tree care aerial lift

No Tree Is Too Tall.

The Ultimate Tree Care Aerial Lift.