track lift gate entry

Tallest Lift With Backyard Access: The 83HD+

Do you ever wish your bucket truck could get through that gate? 

Need to cut down some trees in the backyard but can't access them with your equipment?

Sure, there are many spider lifts out there that are compact enough to fit through a standard 36" gate. However, the 83HD+ is the one track lift with the highest working height that can still enter virtually any gate.

With radio remote controls, a powerful track drive, and the ability to raise the jib, maneuvering the 83 tracked lift is as simple as it gets. And it just takes seconds.

Simply unload the 83HD+ off of your trailer or truck, and drive it right through the gate into the backyard to the job site in just minutes. This accelerates the time spent on the job drastically, paired up with our turbo hydraulics operating system (allows the use of three boom functions simultaneously at full speed) tree care work has never been easier.

The CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro was designed & engineered specifically for arborists. This tracked lift will save you time, save you money, and make you money.