Best lifts for tree care

Spring Is Here! What's the Color of Your Choice?

All Access Equipment's CMC Tracked Aerial Lifts are becoming extremely popular in the recent years due to their unmatched advanced features, rugged design, and their compact width. Although our most popular color is our standard factory red, did you know that there are over 200+ other colors to choose from? With the increase in popularity, make your lift standout among the rest and most importantly, order your lift in a color that matches your company's brand. This will help identify your lift, and associate it with your company. Want to take it a step further? Get custom decals made with your company name across the upper boom! These two things in combination will make your lift truly yours, and one of a kind. No matter the color, you are getting the same feature-loaded, advanced CMC Tracked Aerial Lift, for all of our models.



*Please Note: Custom color machines are considered special order machines. These require up to 90 days for delivery due to the custom paint job at the time of manufacturing.
*Please Note: We do not do any fluorescent or metallic colors due to the fact that they fade in the sun.