Rogue Maverick HD

New for Fall 2019. The Maverick HD is a heavy-duty version of the Maverick.  It is powered by a Vanguard-V-Twin engine and features hydraulic motors on each wheel plus hydraulic controls for lift and rotation of the snow blade.  The main frame is 100% stainless steel.  If you are looking for a commercial-grade machine, the Maverick HD has you covered. Future options will include an ice melt spreader and brine spray system.

  • Three year commercial engine warranty
  • Plow blade extensions to increase overall blade width from 44″ to 60″
  • Plow blade wings to allow box blade operation
  • Float and down-pressure blade control
  • Tool steel or poly cutting edge options
  • Dampers on motion control levers to minimize machine bucking
  • Operator presence switch for safety
  • Reverse direction lighting for safety
  • Sealed Weatherpak connectors on wiring
  • Corrosion resistant hydraulic hose ends
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Stainless steel blade mount assembly with powder coating for double corrosion protection
  • Operator platform suspension
  • Large diameter motion control rods to minimize finger pressure
  • Bag carrier option for ice melt
  • Engine air-ducted to feet to keep feet warm
  • Blade skid shoe option for controlling blade height
  • Low engine and pump placement in frame for excellent machine stability on slopes and curbs
  • All fasteners are stainless steel

Vanguard-V-Twin engine 18HP Twin

Displacement: 570cc

Fuel capacity: 1.4 gallons

Charging System: 50 amps

Hydraulic Pumps: 10cc

Tire Tread: Snow Lug Tire

Ground Speed: 10 MPH

Blade winch: Warn VRX winch

Weight: 716 lbs

Length: 65″

Width: 41″

Height: 52″

Turning radius: 0″

Speed: 0 – 6.5 mph

Blade width: varies

Blade Lift: hydraulic

Blade Rotate: hydraulic

Lights: LED