78HD+ Facility Work

Exeter, NH Relamping Project

Newly built in 2006, Exeter High School is a typical Regional High School, housing approximately 2,000 students grades 9-12, from six surrounding small towns; Exeter, Stratham, Kensington, Newfields, Brentwood and East Kingston, in New Hampshire.

After a decade of hard use, this beautifully designed building, was in need of lighting maintenance.

While this is an atractive architectural school building, as it often happens even in new buildings, practical accessability for maintenance was overlooked. Now projects with need of high aerial reach such as auditoriums, gymnasiums, atriums, etc, that need to have lights bulbs replaced, or need relamping with new more efficient LED lights, cleaning A/C ducts, painting, servicing sprinkler systems and smoke detectors, become a difficult, dangerous and an expensive proposition for many facilities.

Fortunately many smart contractors, public schools, colleges, universities and facility managers have already discovered that our narrow access lifts can enter 36" doors, travel through narrow hallways, level on sloped auditorium floors, without having to remove all the gang chairs in the entire auditorium.

In this LED lighting retrofit upgrade project, the old PAR cans were replaced with new high efficiency PAR LED fixtures.

The Crawler mounted CMC 78HD+ with 79 working height lift, 44 ft lateral reach and ability to enter 36" doors,was the ideal lift to handle this project on this sloped floor auditorium. Although the ceiling was less than 40 ft in height at its maximum height in front of the stage area, a larger nearly 80 ft working height lift, is far more efficient than a smaller lift in this type of situation, since with better lateral reach, it greatly reduces the amount of set ups needed, allowed the entire project to be completed from only 3 to 4 positions for the entire auditorium.

This means that not only did the project got done faster installing the recessed lighting fixtures, but also only a small amount of gang chairs needed to be removed on the ground, significantly reducing labor costs. Now these type of projects can be quickly and easily be completed faster and safer for a fraction of the cost, compared to scaffolding or ladders, saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

Our lifts are fast, light and nimble. Today they are the only practical, economical and safe way to address high reach aerial reach maintenance in difficult access locations.Our lifts can be driven in through narrow hallways or doors, set up and self level automatically even in the steepest sloped floors (up to 22 degrees or 40%), and are ready to work in a matter of minutes. Big projects that used to take weeks or months to complete with scaffolding or ladders, can now be accomplished in a matter of a few hours or days with our narrow access lifts.

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