Lenny's Story

Why We Do What We Do

In this video, we share a true story about how a horrible tree climbing accident led to the pioneering and introduction of tracked aerial lifts in America. There was a severe need for a faster and safer way than climbing trees, so Lenny & Scott set out on an international trip to find a better solution.


The solution was a tracked aerial lift that is designed specifically for tree care in America. A compact lift that can climb steep slopes, setup on uneven terrain, has a rugged design and most importantly, can enter backyard gates was something no one has ever seen before, so bringing it back to the American tree care industry was a no-brainer. For Lenny, he's on a mission to help people work faster and safer, and to help prevent another tree climber's injury like his own, and to save lives.


We hope you enjoy this story, and are inspired to help us in our pursuit to working faster and safer everyday.

Stay tuned for the next video on Monday showing what we are all about!