The NEW 2019 CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro

New Features, New Controls, New Arbor Pro

All Access Equipment is delighted and excited to introduce the new and improved 2019 CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro lift!

The NEW 60HD+ Arbor Pro now comes equipped standard with wireless radio remote controls for all operations including track driving, outrigger setup, and operating the booms, that can be controlled from the basket.

Radio remote now also doubles as basket boom control station. The new control system allows the operator to drive the lift from the basket, as well as deploying the outriggers, utilizing the new automatic chassis leveling system. This is a substantial time saving improvement, over the previous cumbersome generation, which required the operator to park the booms, descend from the basket, switch modes, manually operate the outrigger levers, swith modes again, drive the lift to the next destination, switch modes, manually operate the outrigger controls, spend time leveling the chassis, then switch modes again, re-enter the basket and operate the lift.

This new 2019 version allows the operator to become 80% more efficient.

A Kubota Z602-E3B diesel engine replaces the previous HATZ diesel engine and provides 17 horsepower.

The NEW 2019 CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro still shares the advantageous original chassis and outrigger system, which allows the most compact footprint of any 60 ft lift. With 62 ft working height, up to 38 ft of lateral reach, a compact width of 35”, and weight of 6,700 lbs, this all allows this nimble lift to enter and work in the tightest work areas.

The CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro is part of the “ARBOR PRO” series, designed specifically for the American tree care market, similarly to the 83HD+ Arbor Pro, and the NEW 72HD+ Arbor Pro.

The CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro comes equipped with a long list of productivity features that help keep you working faster & safer. The new ability to drive the lift on the tracks and deploy the outriggers from the basket allows for much faster operation, will definitively make a massive operational difference, allowing the operator to move from one setup zone to another in just minutes without ever having to exit the basket. The NEW CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro model leads the Arbor Pro series with the smallest footprint setup of either 9' 9" x 9' 9" OR 11' 6” x 11’ 6”. This extraordinary compact footprint allows operators to access extremely tight quarters that have been previously inaccessible to other bulky lifts or bucket trucks, getting jobs done that others cannot, while safer & easier at the same time.

The NEW CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro lift with 60 ft working height and up to 38 ft lateral reach, is the tree industry leading lift in this size class outperforming all other competitors, with best combination of furthest lateral reach, ability to enter 36" gates, ability to set up on extreme slopes, and the most compact foot print. This all provides the capability to access several trees without having to move and set up the lift multiple times.

wireless remote controls track lift

The new wireless remote control system can be used for driving the tracks and deploying the outriggers. This controller also doubles as the basket control station, where you can then additionally operate the booms.

Side reach 60 ft tracked lift

The 60HD+ Arbor Pro offers up to 38 ft of side reach, leading its class of 60 ft lifts.