83HD+ Arbor Pro Demo With Treeworks Inc

With Jason Porter

On our previous demo outing, All Access Equipment stopped by Coopersville, MI with the Ford F550 & the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro mounted on the back. The demo was for Jason Porter of Treeworks Inc and the they were very excited and have been highly anticipating their demo with the CMC track lift they have been reading so much about.

After their demo Jason said, "Lenny, thank you so much for coming out and showing us the outstanding machine. Seeing the machine and testing it out on some work has convinced me that it is the way to go, much more than seeing it in print.... I can assure you that after field testing the machine for a day I now really see a bucket truck as almost obsolete for most tree work. You have designed a great product that will be our next lift purchase. Thanks again."    -  Jason Porter, Treeworks Inc.

All Access has always encouraged our prospective customers, or anyone interested in expanding their tree work potential, to schedule a demo with the 83HD+ Arbor Pro. Seeing the impressive features & media on our website and in our literature is one thing, but seeing the track lift in person, and operating it from the basket will truly prove to you that this aerial lift is the leader of its class.

Swipe through the photos from their fantastic demo below!