Tree Care Lift Hawaii

83HD+ Arbor Pro

Delivery to Hawaii

CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro - Honolulu, HI

Honolulu, Hawaii-July 18, 2017

The CMC 83HD + Arbor Pro is the best tree care elevator on the market today, and a brand new is on its journey from Boston to Honolulu, Hawaii. This delivery marks the second customer All Access team has worked with base outside of Hawaii.

Technical Specifications

  • 83 ft Working Height
  • Up to 46 feet of lateral reach
  • 35 "Wide Travel mode, enter any 36" door
  • 8,500 lbs
  • Adjustable tracks vertically/horizontally
  • Automatically levels and configures on slopes up to 19 °
  • Articulation of 90 ° Jib
  • Basket rotation 90 °
  • +/-400 ° turret rotation

For more information on the CMC 83HD + Arbor Pro and see the specifications and complete features, click here.