The 2020 ConExpo All Access Equipment & CMC Feature

At ConExpo, All Access Equipment will be continuing the launch of their new CMC F-Series lifts in 36 ft, 44 ft, and 54 ft platform height. These narrow access lifts are specifically designed to be the easiest and fastest lifts for use in the rental industry, construction, and facilities. Great for use in narrow, sloped, and other difficult locations, the CMC F-series lift can get places that a boom or trailer based lift cannot. CMC F-Series tracked lifts can multi-task in various work situations, replacing a number of other lifts with ONE versatile lift. The size, usability, and options of this new series of lift offers greater utilization and revenue generating opportunity!


All three sizes will enter any standard 36” door or gate. These lifts are lightweight and easy to move compared to boom lifts and have an extremely compact footprint. The F-Series features direct hydraulic controls & operation, gas, diesel, electric, and battery power options and will reduce your operational costs, providing the best ROI of any lift available today.