60 foot track lifts

What is the difference between the 60HD Arbor Pro and the 60HD+?

Many people stop and wonder, what are the actual notable differences between the 60HD Arbor Pro and the 60HD+ that I should consider when buying a lift? Though the model looks very similar in appearance, there are some features that make the two tracked lifts a little bit different from each other. 

The 60HD Arbor Pro by CMC was designed for tree care. This lift is an all hydraulic system with a wired remote, 35" wide for backyard access, and it comes equipped standard with a single-man fiberglass bucket. This lift does not come equipped with an electric motor, wireless remote control, or automatic outrigger leveling. The 60HDA is built with the ISB system, and has no computers.

The 60HD+ by CMC is controlled by a wireless remote, which allows numerous functions to be engaged from the remote. This lift is also 35" wide, and is equipped with a 2-man aluminum basket as standard. Other key features installed standard on the 60HD+ are the 12v emergency battery let down system, an 120v plug-in electric motor, non-marking white rubber tracks, automatic outrigger leveling, and basket rotation. This lift is built with the MOBA control system, which has detent style joysticks for the deadman switch.

Despite the differences, both of these tracked aerial lifts are very great machines. The 60HDA and the 60HD+ share the exact same specifications. The Hatz 1D81C diesel engine powers both the 60HD+ and the 60HDA with 13 hp. The outrigger footprints are exactly the same, as well as the total weight. Both are capable of reaching 62 ft of working height and 29 ft of lateral reach. Both of these track lifts have optional features available such as air/water hoses to the basket, custom paint colors, custom decals, and etc.

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Watch our new video of the 60HD Arbor Pro at a job site doing tree work below.

CMC 60HD Arbor Pro Tree Care Demo