CMC Safety Bulletin - FAQ

For general help and questions regarding CMC’s recent stop-use safety bulletin for aerial lift models CMC S25/83HD+ and S28/92HD+, please contact CMC at 1-888- 831-0398 or email Their dedicated team is standing by and happy to assist you.

For your convenience, All Access Equipment has also prepared a FAQ below for a range of additional questions. We may continue to update with more questions as we assist CMC in their efforts to ensure maximum safety for workers.

CMC is providing boom retrofits at no cost to any affected customer. Customers simply need to schedule an appointment with their local service provider – then the retrofits will be applied along with fresh painting.

To help keep all potential users of the two affected models safe, you should  contact CMC and verify whether the retrofit is required  with the unit’s serial number – regardless of the production period. CMC may be contacted at  1-888-831-0398 or email

As soon as CMC issued the stop-use notice, it was imperative to notify all our affected customers as soon as possible because safety is our highest priority. A link to this CMC notice is also posted on our website.


It is our goal to get everyone back up and running as soon as possible.  We understand the difficulty this causes for our customers who depend on their machines and we are doing everything we can to handle this quickly and efficiently. We truly appreciate your understanding and patience.

No, to ensure the safety of all workers, CMC is immediately requiring this retrofit for 83HD+ and/or 92HD+ lifts, and we as well require affected users to abide by the notice.

Approved CMC service providers are located throughout the United States. Customers can schedule a retrofit and receive help locating their nearest provider by contacting CMC at 1-888-831-0398 or email


For any customers preferring to use their own outside provider – the provider will need to produce certificates for FCAQ or MCAQ MIG welding, which can be submitted to CMC’s team for review and approval.

All work is being done by CMC approved experts who are certified in structural MIG welding (AWS D1.1).

This upgrade is only needed for a specific area of the upper boom component for CMC S25/83HD+ and S28/92HD+ models – the rest of the unit is entirely unaffected. CMC’s aerial lifts are built to last and handle years of demanding conditions across various industries. You will be able to immediately return your machine back to service after the retrofit.

As anyone in our industry can attest – social media commentary often includes a great deal of personal conjecture, speculations, gross inaccuracies, and other aspects of misinformation.

CMC’s stop-use bulletin is straight-forward and was provided directly to customers to ensure the safety of all users. CMC’s  experts are intimately familiar with the full details of the machine and its materials and have devoted considerable resources to the machine.

No, this is an altered image that may be confused with CMC, the manufacturer of the aerial lifts. CMC is based in Europe and has been a globally trusted innovator in the aerial platform space for more than 30 years.

No. To the knowledge of All Access Equipment, this is not the case. We would remind all of our valued customers and peers in the industry to please remain cautious of misinformation that is easily spread on social media platforms.