Ultra-Versatile 75 Ft Tracked Lift

75 ft tree care lift

Welcome to the future.

Presenting the NEW CMC 75L.

The new CMC 75L is the latest and most advanced CMC lift specifically developed from the ground up for the rental industry, combining the many aspects and maneuverability of CMC’s smaller compact CMC lifts with the features of the larger CMC lifts, into a practical  and efficient new model.

The new CMC 75L is the culmination of decades of brilliant CMC engineering


Aggressive competitive pricing, yet very well equipped with many standard safety and automatic features

Extremely simple and easy to operate, smooth lift boom controls

Fast operating booms speeds

Narrow access 75 ft lift, 41 ft unrestricted outreach, 441 lb basket load capacity.

Lightweight (under 3000 kg). Can be easily towed on a trailer.

Versatile dual use indoor and outdoor capability.

Nimble 3 travel speed powerful track drive system.

Superior advanced safety engineering, provides highest levels of security, for confident operator comfort and peace of mind



Lift Overview:

Operational simplicity combined with easy to understand intuitive smooth basket operational controls, combined with unrestricted outreach of up to 41' meters with 441 lbs, up to 75 ft of working height, makes this lift extraordinarily versatile and nimble.

Designed with a double pantograph lower elevator with the next generation ultra light advanced high strength steel upper boom, provides the best combination of a compact, light weight, yet very strong and  maneuverable lift, where operators have maximum unrestricted outreach  with 200 kg basket weight in any position, without cumbersome and confusing restrictions.

Low unit weight of 6,768 lbs allows for easy transport in the United States, including easy trailering with any vehicle capable of towing.

Built rugged and solid, so lift rental operators will feel safe and secure. Solid feel will bring back happy repeat rental customers time after time.  Returning happy customers means more profit for you.



Built rugged and as a reliable workhorse, this multi-talented lift can work around the clock for greater utilization in a multitude of applications, for both interior and exterior projects.



Boom operation:

Superb balance of 75 ft working height and up to 41 ft lateral outreach in a very tight and maneuverable package.


Movable jib:

90 degree Independently movable jib


441 lb rotateable and removable basket



Four rotate-able outrigger positions to fit even in the most difficult tight locations, and setting up on challenging sloped locations.

Oversize outriggers provide superior leveling ability with (4) outrigger positions:

Full 360° all around reach

Short jacked narrow partial left

Short jacked narrow partial right and,

Narrow, narrow restricted in between outriggers reach only with, full frontal outreach and all the way up vertical reach.


No hassle automatic and fast chassis self- leveling. Levels chassis in nearly any situation in about 5 seconds.



Three travel speeds allow for fast travel to any work location in open areas. Lower speeds provide consistent, steady and precise maneuvering in tight quarters.

Possibility to extend/retract tracks from narrow to wide track position while driving tracks

Possibility to rotate tracks for track service purposes, while lift is up on outriggers.



Smooth and easy to use boom controls:

  • Turret rotation via worm  gear with rotary encoder
  • Double pantograph plus telescopic upper boom.
  • 90° movable jib
  • Automatic basket hydraulic leveling.
  • Rotateable aluminum basket


Dual use radio remote controls: Doubles as both basket control station with full functions and wireless ground control station for track drive, outrigger setting and boom ground operation. Also acts as redundant emergency let down system, in addition to manual emergency chassis override system.

  • Console, completely re-designed with easier and more intuitive controls - a lever for each maneuver.
  • Multi-function incorporated display.
  • Possibility to use the radio-remote control to stabilize and drive platform from the ground.
  • Turret balance L.E.D. and indication of the stabilization degrees.
  • On-board battery charger for radio remote control.


  • Standard power source:
  • Kubota Z602 diesel engine with 17 hp
  • Turret mounted emergency manual let down pump

Power Options:

  • KUBOTA Diesel engine.
  • GREEN POWER (Full lithium version of 200Ah battery).
  • HYBRID (Honda engine + lithium battery of 100Ah).
  • 230V/110V Electric motor.
  • 12V electric emergency let down pump


  • 110V/230V 16A electrical socket basket mounted with GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter)
  • 12V 8A electrical socket on the basket.
  • High pressure air-water internally mounted, from the turret to basket outlet.
  • Protective covers on emergency controls, electrical components and hydraulic lines.
  • Outrigger piston covers.
  • Hydraulic safety lock valves on all hydraulic cylinders.
  • High pressure hydraulic safety valves.
  • LCD information and hour meter display.
  • Emergency STOP push buttons on all control stations.
  • Rotation via slewing ring and worm gear equipped with rotary encoder.
  • Automatic self-leveling stabilization possibility from basket and  ground control station.
  • Possibility to drive lift from the basket as well.
  • Anti-collision system.
  • Electric Honda/Kubota speed control.
  • Possibility to carry out several maneuvers simultaneously.
  • “Go home” automatic boom self-park system.
  • Basket leveling override ability while aloft.
  • Transport tie down “D” rings on tracks for transport security.
  • M12 connectors for troubleshooting with 2 LEDs (cable - sensor).
  • Automatic boom slowdown feature for soft boom park closing even at maximum boom speeds
  • Simple emergency recovery maneuvers possible without the need to use of tools.
  • Chassis mounted control panel with start/stop keys, hour meter, fluids level indicator lights and engine.
  • Visible fuses with lighted fault indicator on the single fuse.


It is not  what you make, but what you keep”. High maintenance costs can quickly eat into your profits.

CMC lifts are built with dependable, durable and heavy duty parts. Nevertheless any working machine needs to be maintained and will eventually wear, hence normal wear parts are plug and play, which allows for easy and less complex maintenance without the need for lengthy downtime or expensive labor repairs.

The new generation plug & play CMC technology, unifies electrical and hydraulic systems, using Cetop solenoid valves instead of hydraulic mono-blocs, with fully interchangeable solenoid valves. This new system not only simplifies maintenance, but also greatly reduces the amount of needed spare parts to keep on hand.

The same solenoids are used not only in this new 75L but throughout your entire new CMC fleet.

New 4.0 diagnostics technology allows for quick and easy problem solving, with either on-board diagnostics or direct CMC connect ability

EFFICIENT AND FAST SPARE PARTS SERVICE DEPT: All Access Equipment's well organized parts department, can ship nearly any part overnight and quickly get you back up and running.

Better utilization means more profit.

Upcoming  improvements for the entire 2019 CMC Tracked Lift Series:

  • Universal commonality of all electrical and hydraulic systems of all CMC lifts for easiest future service.
  • Cetop Solenoid valves in lieu hydraulic mono-blocs.
  • New fully interchangeable solenoid valves.
  • New proportional radio remote controls with integrated display. Can be used both from the basket (see picture) and from the ground.

      Standard D rings on all track assemblies to ensure safe and secure platform transport.

  • New manual emergency pump and fuse box , equipped with single failure warning light.
  • Ability to use stabilization controls from turret base station or remote controls
  • Engine control panel with ignition start/stop key, hour meter and indicator lights of  fluid levels and engine.
  • M12 connectors for troubleshooting with 2 LEDs (-Sensor cable).

CMC: Bringing tomorrows technology to you today.

Standard Features

75 ft working height
Up to 40' 8" lateral outreach
35" wide transport mode (will enter virtually any doorway)
Single-man aluminum basket with quick connect bracket (24" x 24" x 39")
Radio remote controls
Set of 4 sliding outrigger pads
Outrigger piston protective covers
Horizontally adjustable black rubber tracks
Kubota model Z602-E3B, 17 HP diesel engine
Storage box with on-board battery charger for radio remote
12V Emergency battery let down system


Standard Equipped: Kubota Z602-E3B diesel engine 17 HP
Hybrid Option 1: Kubota diesel + 120v 20a plug-in electric motor

Hybrid Option 2: Lithium ion batteries


ANSI (TUV) and CSA certified
Meets & exceeds OSHA safety requirements
Emergency stop button in reach of operator at all times
Lock valves on all hydraulic cylinders
Waterproof safety switches
Redundant safety monitoring systems
Basket weight sensor & overload alarm: meets & exceeds new OSHA requirement
12V Emergency let-down system


Jib movement 90°
Turret rotation +/- 710°
Basket rotation +/- 90°
Maximum slope to stabilize 8° (14%)
Maximum slope approach angle 16° (29%)
Gradeability (maximum climbing angle) 17° (30%)*
Lightweight 7,055 lbs
Travel speed up to 1.5 mph

* This is the standard setting. The standard setting can be overridden to 31° (60.1%).
* For more detailed specifications, download the CMC 75L specsheet below.

Optional Features

Honda iGX390 gasoline engine (replaces the Honda gasoline engine GX390) air-cooled 4-stroke OHV, 11.7 HP @ 3,600 rpm
Kubota Diesel Z482 (replaces the Honda gasoline engine)
Full lithium battery power (160A 48V) with built in electric charger (replaces Honda gasoline engine). We strongly recommend that you pair this with option 0000110
Auxiliary 120v 20a plug in electric motor with charger for 12v battery. This is not a battery system. With this system, you can plug the machine in and use it on 100% AC electric power. This is in addition to the combustion engine
Double electric auxiliary power 120V
Non-marking grey tracks (replaces the standard black tracks) price is per set
Double track drive speed (Honda engine only)
Triple track drive speed (Kubota engine only)
High pressure air/water hoses routed internally from the ground to the basket - 2900PSI
120v Electric plug in basket with extension cord through the booms
Additional basket: Removable single man aluminum basket 31.5" L x 23.6" W x 43.3" H (this is in addition to the standard two man aluminum basket) basket support with wheels for easy handling is included
Additional basket: Removable single man fiberglass basket 31.5" L x 23.6" W x 43.3" H (this is in addition to the standard two man aluminum basket) basket support with wheels for easy handling is included.
Additional basket: Removable two man fiberglass basket 47.2" L x 23.6" W x 43.3" H (this is in addition to the standard two man aluminum basket) basket support with wheels for easy handling is included
One-man fiberglass basket sized 31.5" L x 23.6" W x 43.3" H (replaces the standard aluminum two man basket)
Two-man fiberglass basket sized 47.2" L x 23.6" W x 43.3" H (replaces the standard aluminum two man basket)
Basket weight scale
Travel alarm
Warning light
1 Custom paint color: Choice of more than 200 colors. *No florescent or metallic colors*
2 Custom paint colors: Choice of more than 200 colors. *No florescent or metallic colors*
Remote connection kit (All Access can connect to machine remotely if unsecured WiFi is shared with machine)
Upgrade to 4.75 gallon fuel tank
Biodegradable hydraulic fluid (non-toxic, natural fluid. For extreme cold or sensitive locations)
Ratchet straps (each. 4 are already included)
Specially designed outrigger pads (each)
Set of 4 cavity outrigger pads
Track socks
Additional fall arrest aerial lift harness and lanyard kit including storage bag