Glass cleaning CMC 83HD+ tracked lift

83HD+ Window Cleaning Rental

The CMC 83HD+: Window Cleaning Rental Job

Northshore, MA - June 18th, 2016

The 83HD+ tracked lift by CMC proved to be the perfect solution for this difficult access glass facade cleaning job. With a narrow doorway to enter, and tight quarters to setup, the 83HD+ was able to access this job site and begin working in just minutes with no hassle. Equipped with lithium ion batteries, the glass cleaning company doing the job was able to complete the whole facade in just a few hours, with no need to recharge, plug-in, or refuel. While operating on the lithium ion batteries, there is almost no noise coming from machine, making it a much more pleasant working environment for an indoor facility as such. This spider lift provided exactly what was needed; up to 83 ft of working height, up to 46 ft of lateral outreach, compact dimensions, & fast operation.

To learn more about the 83HD+ by CMC, see our product page.

CMC 105HD+ Istanbul Ronesans Tower

Special Engineering Project: Ronesans Tower

Special Engineering Project: Ronesans Tower

Istanbul, Turkey

The CMC 105HD+ (S32) was provided for the completion of the Ronesans Tower in Istanbul, Turkey. The aerial lift provided next-level access and because of this, the construction & engineering crew to successfully complete the glass dome at the top of the new skyscraper. The aerial lift portion was removed from the chassis and outrigger frame, and mounted to the foundation of the tower for easier maneuverability.

Furthermore, the CMC 105HD+ provided a much safer method to complete the construction of the glass dome. Meanwhile, outdated methods for this type of construction would have construction workers climbing along the iron beams strapped in with harnesses. With the 105HD+, workers do not need to worry about slipping and falling as well as carrying their heavy tools. Tools can be put in the basket, and taken with them wherever they are needed, with little to no hassle at all.

The CMC 105HD+ was used for ordinary and extraordinary work, and served as a catalyst for the final stages of construction for the new Istanbul tower.

Check out the images from the job below, and to learn more about the CMC 105HD+ -- click here!

Track Lift Hydraulic Tool

Delivery: 83HD+ To Northwestern PA

Delivery: CMC 83HD+ Tracked Lift - Northwestern Pennsylvania

A new 2016 CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro is on its way to the northwestern Pennsylvania region. This tracked lift was designed top to bottom for tree care. With 83 feet of working height, up to 46 feet of lateral outreach, a lightweight 8,500 lbs, this compact aerial lift can still enter virtually any doorway. The new turbo hydraulic system allows the operation of three boom functions at full speed, at the same time -- making work faster and easier than ever. This innovative tracked lift is equipped with the hydraulic tool outlet, granting the use of hydraulic tools from the basket. The CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro is on its way to Pennsylvania to start knocking down any tree in its path.

For more information about the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro, click here to learn more.

Aerial Lift Atlanta Airport

Special Project: Atlanta Airport

All Access & CMC Supply Two Tracked Lifts To Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

In April of 2012, we did work with the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. They purchased two of our track mounted aerial lifts: the CMC 50L and the CMC 60HD+. The airport facility's department chose our two lifts because our lifts fit their needs, and are fully capable of accessing all of their fixtures. One main feature that they were looking for was a quiet plug-in electric motor because they cannot run the combustion engines indoors. Both the 50L and the 60HD+ are extremely light and nimble, allowing easy transportation throughout the terminal; over bridges, catwalks, through narrow corridors, & easy storage.

Virtual Tour of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

To learn more about the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, see their website.

Track Lift and Bucket Truck

The New 83HD+ Arbor Pro vs. Bucket Trucks

Compare: The 83HD+ vs. A Bucket Truck

You can get a pretty good feel on how the 83HD+ works compared to a bucket truck. If you are already used to a bucket truck, you will love this tracked aerial lift. -- Read on to learn more!

This lift articulates much like a bucket truck, except the lower boom does not go over center. However, the lower boom and upper boom both telescope in/out about 20 ft each, which saves an immense amount of time, because right now you waste a lot of time articulating around trees, branches and obstacles with a bucket lift that cannot "shrink" its booms. Being able to reduce the length of booms is a big time saver. The 83HD+ lift also has a jib that moves 90° up/down, allowing you to go up, over and down around branches, when trimming.

Basket also rotates left and right, giving you substantial more versatility. Small detail, but when you are in a "fixed" basket like in a bucket truck, you often wind up "being on the wrong side of the tree, with the boom in your way", now you have to reach over/lay over the boom to reach the over side of a tree. With the basket rotation, not only are you always on the "right side", but you can actually instantly with the flick of a button - "rotate the basket around the tree", so now you are positioned in a comfortable position, saving more time. In a bucket truck, you might have to completely re-position the entire truck, which is a big waste of time.

This lift also actually works faster than a bucket truck, since it is equipped with a new feature called"turbo hydraulics", a new hydraulic technology that allows you to operate up to "three functions (articulate both booms up/down at once, telescope and rotate) all at once at full speed". Right now your bucket truck and all other competitor lifts can only perform one function at full speed. If you try to do two or three functions, they either do not work or operate very slowly.

Another big advantage of this 83HD+ lift against bucket trucks and other competitor lifts, is that you can do everything right from the basket: You can drive the lift (2 speeds only in the basket, 3 speeds from the remote control), set up the outriggers and automatically self-level in 5 seconds, then immediately fly. This is fast, fast, fast and saves a lot of time.

Most competitor lifts, you have to get down from the basket, raise the outriggers manually, pick up outrigger pads manually, switch modes, then drive the lift to another location, put the outriggers down, place outrigger pads, level the lift manually, then climb in the basket again. This can easily WASTE 15 minutes’ time, every time you move the lift. Big waste of time and this costs you a lot of money. If you are in a bucket truck, it is even worse: You have to park the booms, get down from the top of the truck, raise the outriggers, pick up the outrigger pads, drive the truck forward/reverse or maneuver into position, then repeat the entire process again to level the bucket, Huge waste of time.

The 83HD+ is a fast, light and nimble machine. It reaches up to 83 ft working height and up to 46 ft lateral outreach, yet it easily enters 36" gates, self-levels in 5 seconds and works, works works. You can also reach up to 20 ft "below grade".

The abilities all the above with ONE lift, gives any tree service a huge advantage. Far more versatility than any bucket truck or competitor tracked lift.

The 83HD+ will replace the bucket truck, trailer lifts, other self-propelled lifts and the tree climbing gear. "You will never climb another tree again".

Finally, basic price of this lift configured for tree work is priced nearly much less than a smaller, less capable and more expensive to purchase, operate and maintain, 75 ft bucket truck. Even compared and stacked against any similarly sized competitor aerial self-propelled machines, the 83HD+ is still a far better lift and a much better value.

You can also purchase real professional tree service options such as a hydraulic tool outlet, custom colors, trailers, etc., that nobody else offers.

In closing, this lift is the best all around, win, win situation for any tree company.

This is the future of tree care lifts for the tree care industry.


CMC Opens New Headquarters

CMC Headquarters // Modugno (BA), Italy - February 2016

CMC Lifts has opened a new headquarters for their aerial lift products. At this new state-of-the-art facility, they will be manufacturing the majority of the aerial lifts. With multiple assembly lines, experienced staff and technicians, work will flow faster and more efficient. Office space is plentiful in their new home, with a reception area and separate offices for business personnel. There will be a test track to get the lifts outdoor to evaluate the performance & capabilities. The exterior of the facility boasts a beautiful facade with the bold red logo on both sides as well as an eye-catching paint pattern.

With a superior quality product and value, CMC quickly became a world leading aerial lift manufacturer of both truck mounted and self propelled units.
Today CMC is a world leader in aerial lift technology and our lifts are a best seller in 30 countries worldwide, integrating ingenious new ideas and always building lifts “with the operator in mind” translated into a simpler to operate and less extensive aerial lift. This winning combination gave our customers a better value and greater ROI.

To learn more about these lifts, visit their website or Facebook page.

new facility

All Access Equipment Opens New Facility to Showcase and Service Products

All Access Equipment Opens New Facility // Wilmington, MA

All Access Equipment, the North American distributor of CMC Narrow Access Compact Crawler Lifts, marketed and sold under the brand name Crawler lifts, has opened a new facility outside of Boston in Wilmington, MA.

The company chose to combine their office and warehouse into a larger single facility to better serve its customers. The new facility offers customers the ability to view, in person, all models of Crawler lifts available from All Access as well as see demonstrations of the equipment. It also provides ample space for training on the equipment, servicing of lifts, and a full warehouse of in-stock parts.

Crawler lifts are designed for industries including tree services, window cleaning, painters, electricians, roofing, facilities maintenance and rental stores. Available Crawler lifts lift sizes range from 50 to 105 feet working height. Crawler lifts are capable of entering 36" doors and gates replacing less efficient equipment with one lift.

78HD+ Facility Work

Exeter, NH Relamping Project

Newly built in 2006, Exeter High School is a typical Regional High School, housing approximately 2,000 students grades 9-12, from six surrounding small towns; Exeter, Stratham, Kensington, Newfields, Brentwood and East Kingston, in New Hampshire.

After a decade of hard use, this beautifully designed building, was in need of lighting maintenance.

While this is an atractive architectural school building, as it often happens even in new buildings, practical accessability for maintenance was overlooked. Now projects with need of high aerial reach such as auditoriums, gymnasiums, atriums, etc, that need to have lights bulbs replaced, or need relamping with new more efficient LED lights, cleaning A/C ducts, painting, servicing sprinkler systems and smoke detectors, become a difficult, dangerous and an expensive proposition for many facilities.

Fortunately many smart contractors, public schools, colleges, universities and facility managers have already discovered that our narrow access lifts can enter 36" doors, travel through narrow hallways, level on sloped auditorium floors, without having to remove all the gang chairs in the entire auditorium.

In this LED lighting retrofit upgrade project, the old PAR cans were replaced with new high efficiency PAR LED fixtures.

The Crawler mounted CMC 78HD+ with 79 working height lift, 44 ft lateral reach and ability to enter 36" doors,was the ideal lift to handle this project on this sloped floor auditorium. Although the ceiling was less than 40 ft in height at its maximum height in front of the stage area, a larger nearly 80 ft working height lift, is far more efficient than a smaller lift in this type of situation, since with better lateral reach, it greatly reduces the amount of set ups needed, allowed the entire project to be completed from only 3 to 4 positions for the entire auditorium.

This means that not only did the project got done faster installing the recessed lighting fixtures, but also only a small amount of gang chairs needed to be removed on the ground, significantly reducing labor costs. Now these type of projects can be quickly and easily be completed faster and safer for a fraction of the cost, compared to scaffolding or ladders, saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

Our lifts are fast, light and nimble. Today they are the only practical, economical and safe way to address high reach aerial reach maintenance in difficult access locations.Our lifts can be driven in through narrow hallways or doors, set up and self level automatically even in the steepest sloped floors (up to 22 degrees or 40%), and are ready to work in a matter of minutes. Big projects that used to take weeks or months to complete with scaffolding or ladders, can now be accomplished in a matter of a few hours or days with our narrow access lifts.

Call or email us your project for fast advice, quotes and see how much you can save.


Glass Cleaning Lift

78HD+ Atrium Window Cleaning

Atrium Window Cleaning: 78HD+

Atrium window cleaning has never been easier. This is a great example of how the 78HD+ (the now 83HD+) from All Access Equipment can go into difficult locations and access curtain walls of glass, light fixtures and walls. Driving in through a single 36" door is possible. Driving over delicate floors is easy. Setting up with automatic leveling of the outriggers is fast. Articulating and telescopic booms allow for significant up and over reach. Unique features such as fast boom operation, wireless remote controls and fully proportionate controls set the 78HD+ apart from everything else in the access market.

60 Foot Lift Lightduty

All Access Equipment Distributes CMC Crawler Lifts

All Access Equipment, Wilmington, Mass., is now the exclusive North American distributor for CMC S.R.L., based in Bari, Italy. The narrow access, self-propelled tracked lifts will be marketed and sold under the brand name CRAWLER LIFTS.

According to All Access Equipment, Crawler lifts are the next-generation narrow access lift, built heavy duty and rugged for demanding industries. Crawler lifts are capable of entering 36-in. doors and gates. Simple controls are also much easier to operate than previous generations of this type of equipment, according to All Access, allowing nearly anyone to quickly learn how to operate a lift.

For tree service companies, window cleaning companies, painters, electricians, roofing, facilities maintenance, and rental stores, the Crawler lifts are a replacement for less efficient equipment, such as ladders, scaffolding, ropes, saddles or staging for commercial and residential applications.

The Crawler 78 model is well-suited for heavy-duty use in dirty environment applications, such as tree services and construction. With 73 ft. of platform height and 44 ft. of side reach, the Crawler 78 is capable of entering 36-in. doors/gates, climbing stairs and steep slopes, and set up in minutes in difficult environments. Other Crawler lift units range from 50 to 105 feet working height.

Original Post: 10/10/2012 (Lift and Access)