compact aerial lift Top Notch Tree Care 83 Arbor Pro

In Action: Top Notch Tree Care

CMC 83HD Arbor Pro: First notch tree Care-Asheville, NC

All access equipment delivered a new 2017 CMC 83HD Arbor Pro to Asheville, NC this past spring. Since then, the first-rate tree care has been loving your elevator and finding a lot of use for it. With 83 feet of working height and up to 46 feet of lateral reach, this elevator will enter a 36 "backyard door with ease. This provides an advantage by being able to access and complete jobs faster than others cannot; Either with a bucket truck or climbing an unsafe and unhealthy tree. The 83HD Arbor Pro CMC is the only true elevator designed specifically for the tree care industry. Robust, reliable, and return on investment.

For more information on the 83HD Arbor Pro CMC, click here.

See the pictures below the 83HD Arbor Pro from the top of the notch tree in action.

Service & Maintenance

NEWS: AAE Is Now A Certified IPAF Training Center

All Access Equipment Is Now A Certified IPAF Training Center

All Access begins a new venture to their list of services, having now become a certified training facility for IPAF.

Located just north of​ Boston in Wilmington, MA, All Access Equipment is now THE NEW & LATEST IPAF training center. IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) promotes "the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide, providing technical advice and information, influencing and interpreting legislation and standards, with safety initiatives and training programs ( IPAF is a non-profit organization owned by members of the community, ​ranging from various manufacturers to end-users, rental companies, and contractors. Though IPAF originated and has its headquarters based in the United Kingdom, their presence & services are promoted widely and strongly across the United States.

Having been a member of IPAF for several years, All Access Equipment made the stride to become an official IPAF training center. "Safety at elevated use is one of our main objectives. All Access strongly believes in following proper safety protocols, including usage methods to ensure the safest operation for both operators and personnel". Upon successful completion of the IPAF training at our Wilmington headquarters and any other certified location, trainees are issued a PAL card (Powered Access License). This​PAL card is proof that operators have been properly trained to the highest standards​ ​in​ safe ​lift operation, officially by a certified IPAF training center. We encourage all operators to become​ IPAF certified and only operate with the highest level of safety and training.

High level training is a small investment that always pays back with more efficient lift operation and less wasted time. High level training is now a growing trend for all companies and often a requirement for contractors and subcontractors for many projects, and proof of this is often requested. Be proactive without having to scramble last minute to obtain compliance certification. Call All Access Equipment today to schedule a training session for operators with the IPAF certification. PAL cards are valid for five years from the date issued​, ​and clearly specify which equipment the operator is trained and certified to operate.

IPAF Training Center Certificate

Demo the 83 For Yourself!

83HD+ Arbor Pro Demo With Treeworks Inc

With Jason Porter

On our previous demo outing, All Access Equipment stopped by Coopersville, MI with the Ford F550 & the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro mounted on the back. The demo was for Jason Porter of Treeworks Inc and the they were very excited and have been highly anticipating their demo with the CMC track lift they have been reading so much about.

After their demo Jason said, "Lenny, thank you so much for coming out and showing us the outstanding machine. Seeing the machine and testing it out on some work has convinced me that it is the way to go, much more than seeing it in print.... I can assure you that after field testing the machine for a day I now really see a bucket truck as almost obsolete for most tree work. You have designed a great product that will be our next lift purchase. Thanks again."    -  Jason Porter, Treeworks Inc.

All Access has always encouraged our prospective customers, or anyone interested in expanding their tree work potential, to schedule a demo with the 83HD+ Arbor Pro. Seeing the impressive features & media on our website and in our literature is one thing, but seeing the track lift in person, and operating it from the basket will truly prove to you that this aerial lift is the leader of its class.

Swipe through the photos from their fantastic demo below!


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CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro Backyard Tree Job

All Access Equipment has joined the Vimeo platform, and will be uploading all of our video content, past & future, here as well as YouTube. Vimeo is a great platform for high quality videos without the interuption of advertisements. We believe in reducing clutter, and are always striving to provide the simplest solution. In our Vimeo channel, you will find video content that demonstrates the various capabilities and features of our equipment, varying from our tracked lift series (indoor & outdoor work), as well as our mini articulated loader series. Enjoy & don't forget to click the follow button!

Tracked Lift Akron, OH

Delivery: 83HD+ Arbor Pro & 60HD+ Arbor Pro


CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro & 60HD+ Arbor Pro

All Access Equipment, February 9th, 2017 - Wilmington, MA

Two more brand new tree care lifts have been shipped out from our facility. A 2017 CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro was delivered out to Akron, OH. With their new lift, they will be able to enter any backyard gate they need to, and setup in extremely tight quarters. With 83 ft of working height, vertical reach will never be a problem for this lift. Not to mention, the 46 ft of lateral side reach is the real shine to this fantastic compact crawler boom lift. The CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro is our most popular lift for the tree care industry, thanks to its versatility; 83 ft working height, 46 ft side reach, 35" wide, radio remote controls, automatic leveling, and many more features.

The 2017 CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro was shipped out to Valparaiso, IN to another tree care company. Though this lift has less working height and side reach than the 83, it still gets the job done with no problem. The 60HD+ is the same model as the 60HDA, however the HD+ version is equipped with the same control system as the 83. Thus meaning, the 60HD+ has wireless radio remote controls, and the same 2-joystick basket control station. This particular model was ordered with the factory single-man fiberglass bucket, which adds a very nice touch to the lift for tree care, replacing the standard 2-man aluminum basket. This lift is even more compact than the 83, making it even less of a struggle to enter a backyard gate, or set up in a difficult and tight area.

Both of these tracked lifts are delivered with a set of 4 (four) specialty sliding outrigger pads. These pads can remain on the lift at all times, whether working or being transported. You never need to take them off. These outrigger pads will mitigate and reduce the amount of ware to the job site you are working on, and will also distribute the ground pressure better.

To learn more about the 83, click here. To learn more about the 60HD+, visit this page.

83HD+ Arbor Pro Christiansburg VA

Delivery: 83HD+ Arbor Pro to Christiansburg VA

NEW 2017 CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro

Delivered to Christiansburg, VA

All Access Equipment is bringing in the new year with numerous delivery of CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro's. This 83 in particular is being delivered to a tree care company in Christiansburg, VA. The 2017 model is nearly the exact same as the 2016, however more and more minor things have been improved, such as a larger diesel fuel tank, heavier duty outrigger pins, new decals, and software updates. The previous year model was already a fantastic and top of the line tracked lift designed specifically for tree care, by arborists for arborists, and this year's edition is no different. It is the premiere backyard tree care aerial lift in the market at this moment, boasting 83 ft of working height, up to 46 ft of lateral outreach, and is still just 35" wide (meaning it will enter any backyard gate 36" or larger with ease).

To inquire about the 2017 CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro and get a quote ASAP, contact us at (978) 712-4950.

83HD+ Arbor Pro Truck Mount Lift Pennsylvania

Delivery: 83HD+ Arbor Pro Track Lift to Pennsylvania

Delivery: 83HD+ Arbor Pro Track Lift (Truck Mount)

Destination: Western Pennsylvania

This CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro is being delivered to another tree care company in western Pennsylvania. Equipped with the Hydraulic Tool Outlet (professional tree care additional option) as well as the custom bright yellow paint, this lift is ready for action. The 83HD+ Arbor Pro features 83 feet of working height, up to 46 feet of lateral side reach, and comes equipped standard with automatic outrigger leveling, radio remote controls, turbo hydraulics, a set of 4 sliding outrigger pads, and many more advanced features. With a transport width of 35", this track mounted spider lift will enter virtually any backyard gate with little to no hassle at all. The CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro helps get your jobs done faster, more efficiently, and safer than ever.

To learn more about the 83HD+ Arbor Pro by CMC, click here.

60 foot track lifts

Compare: 60HDA vs. 60HD+

*Both the CMC 60HDA and 60HD+ are discontinued models. The current version is the 2019 CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro.

What is the difference between the 60HD Arbor Pro and the 60HD+?

The CMC 60HD Arbor Pro was designed specifically for tree care. This lift is an all hydraulic system with a wired remote, includes a Kubota diesel engine, is only 35" wide for backyard access, and it comes equipped standard with a single-man fiberglass bucket. It also includes everything you want and need for tree care. We include a set of specialty outrigger pads, and a fall arrest harness. The controls are single handed operation and do not require two hands on the controls to operate. This lift does not come equipped with an electric motor, wireless remote control, or automatic outrigger leveling. The 60HDA is built with the ISB system, and has no computers.

The 60HD+ by CMC is controlled by a wireless remote, which allows numerous functions to be engaged from the remote. This lift is also 35" wide, and is equipped with a 2-man aluminum basket as standard. Other key features installed standard on the 60HD+ are the 12v emergency battery let down system, an 120v plug-in electric motor, non-marking white rubber tracks, automatic outrigger leveling, and basket rotation. This lift is built with the MOBA control system, which has detent style joysticks for the deadman switch.

Despite the differences, both of these tracked aerial lifts are very great machines. The 60HDA and the 60HD+ share the exact same specifications. The Kubota diesel engine powers both the 60HD+ and the 60HDA with 14 hp. The outrigger footprints are exactly the same, as well as the total weight. Both are capable of reaching 62 ft of working height and 38 ft of lateral reach. Both of these track lifts have optional features available such as air/water hoses to the basket, custom paint colors, custom decals, and etc.

To see more information on the CMC 60HD Arbor Pro, click here.

To see more information regarding the CMC 60HD+, click here.

Watch our new video of the 60HD Arbor Pro at a job site doing tree work below.

CMC 60HD Arbor Pro Tree Care Demo

track lift gate entry

Tallest Lift With Backyard Access: The 83HD+

Do you ever wish your bucket truck could get through that gate? 

Need to cut down some trees in the backyard but can't access them with your equipment?

Sure, there are many spider lifts out there that are compact enough to fit through a standard 36" gate. However, the 83HD+ is the one track lift with the highest working height that can still enter virtually any gate.

With radio remote controls, a powerful track drive, and the ability to raise the jib, maneuvering the 83 tracked lift is as simple as it gets. And it just takes seconds.

Simply unload the 83HD+ off of your trailer or truck, and drive it right through the gate into the backyard to the job site in just minutes. This accelerates the time spent on the job drastically, paired up with our turbo hydraulics operating system (allows the use of three boom functions simultaneously at full speed) tree care work has never been easier.

The CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro was designed & engineered specifically for arborists. This tracked lift will save you time, save you money, and make you money.

2016 CMC 105HD+ tracked lift delivery to Alberta Canada

Delivery: 105HD+ to Alberta, Canada

Delivery: This 2016 CMC 105HD+ Is Off to Alberta, Canada

From Boston to Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada - June 17th, 2016

Another 2016 CMC 105HD+ is sold and has left our facility to journey to its new home in Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada. This particular model is equipped with the optional lithium ion battery hybrid option. The lithium ion batteries provide this already technology-advanced tracked lift with the capability to work full shifts without needing to recharge, plug in, or refuel. The 105HD+ features 105 ft of working height, and up to 52 ft of lateral outreach. The tracks adjust to provide 15" of ground clearance, and can be driven with the radio remote controls, as well as all other aerial lift functions. With the turbo hydraulic system on this tracked lift, operate 3 boom functions at full speed at the same time.

To learn more about this tracked spider lift, visit the 105HD+ page.