Tri County Service CMC lifts

New Dealer: Tri County Service

New Dealer: Tri County Service

ALL ACCESS EQUIPMENT, distributors for CMC lifts in the US and Canada, is proud to announce their new dealer partnership with Greg Hards of Tri-County Service, located in Kent, Ohio. With a high concentration of tree care companies in the greater Ohio region, Tri County Service is going to be a great dealer location for our CMC lifts. It will be beneficial for prospective customers in the Ohio region because it will allow them to get a demonstration of a lift sooner, and it will also serve as a nearby service location.

Greg Hards is an experienced dealer with a long equipment history in the tree industry.

For a demonstration and sales & service of CMC lifts, call Greg at Tri-County Service  330-673-0523 and visit their website.

Open House: Sept. 15th

Open House

September 15, 2018

All Access Equipment is hosting its first ever Open House on September 15, 2018! Come join us and visit our facility here in Wilmington, MA - just 20 minutes north of Boston. This will be a fun and eventful day, filled with activities such as operator demos, operator training, aerial rescue demonstrations, tips & tricks classes, as well as food & games and more!

We reserved hotel rooms nearby our facility at discounted rates - call us at (978) 712-4950 for more info. There are a limited amount of rooms available, so please book as soon as possible to ensure your stay.

We will be adding more details accordingly, so keep checking back for more updated information!

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September 15, 2018

the new bucket truck

Caltrans: Out With the Old, In With the New

Out With the Bucket Truck, In With the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro

There has been little improvement in the way tree work has been performed for nearly 50 years.

As with any other industry, new, better and more productive equipment becomes available. In this case a new faster and safer way to reach trees,  allowing tree crews to become far more productive.

It is a business fact, that only the tree companies that embrace change, remain profitable. Companies that cling to old and obsolete methods and equipment, become so unproductive that they lose money. "If you are making less profit today than what you did 20 years ago, it is a telltale sign of obsolescence".

Today even Public Works Depts, including the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) realized that a modern and more versatile lift, would allow their crews to work faster, safer and be far more productive.

Watch this video as it explains why they chose to upgrade from their old bucket truck and chose the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro mini lift.

This advanced tracked aerial lift provides much more versatility due to it's  many operational advantages, such as  compact accessibility, fast boom speeds, ease of transportation, and its extraordinary reach capability, including 20' reach below grade.

See our story about Bucket Trucks vs. The CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro to learn more!

Caltrans: Out With the Old, In With the New

Specialty Aerial Lift

Stories From the Field: Osprey Nests In the Salt Marsh With the 83HD+

Stories From the Field

Osprey Nests In the Salt Marsh With the 83HD+

Every once in a while a project comes along where there was previously no easy solution, until the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro came along. This tree company was contracted to service an Osprey nesting site in Salisbury, MA.

Osprey nesting sites are usually located salt marsh areas. Salt marshes are tidal areas that are flooded and emptied with seawater four times per day. They are extremely soft and muddy.

It is not possible to drive vehicles in such soft areas and normally this type of work is done manually. The CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro was the perfect solution for the job because of its versatile features such as low ground pressure with vertically/horizontally adjustable tracks, track drive stability, narrow setup, and much more.

To learn more about the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro, click here or call us at (978) 712-4950.

New Video: 83HD+ Boom Operation Speeds

83HD+ Boom Operation Speeds

In this video of the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro, we demonstrate the basic boom movements: upper & lower articulation, upper & lower telescoping, jib articulation, turret rotation, and also automatic basket leveling. Enjoy!

Les Arbes CTPA Award

Arborist Of The Year: Les Lewis III

Arborist Of The Year: Les Lewis III

Connecticut Tree Protective Association

January 21, 2018 - Connecticut Tree Protective Association | Winter Meeting

LES LEWIS III, a third generation arborist and owner of LES ARBRES ARBORISTS, was recently awarded a MERIT award, by the CONNECTICUT TREE PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION (CTPA), for outstanding service and contribution to the Arboricultural field.
LES ARBRES ARBORISTS have been in the tree care business for over 40 years, and he achieved this award by providing exceptional service and quality with high standards of excellence and integrity​. 
One of the key elements to provide excellent service is having the right equipment. Les Lewis III and son Les Lewis IV, own and operate the CMC 105HD+ lift for all of their tree service operations. 
The heavy duty and versatile CMC 105HD+ lift is one of the most advanced lifts in the world, providing 105 ft working height and up to 52 ft lateral reach; up to approx 72 ft working height, then the upper boom will start to rise. Even at 92 ft height, you can still reach 33 ft to the side. This advanced tracked aerial lift is also capable of reaching 20 ft below ground.

To read more about this story and other awards issued out, visit their website here.

Les Arbes Arborists
60HD+ Jordan's Atrium 6

New Video: Jordan CMC 60HD+ IMAX

The CMC 60HD+

Jordan's Furniture & IMAX Theater

We brought the CMC 60HD + for a rental job in Jordan Furniture and the IMAX theater in reading, MA. In this video, we drove the elevator through a narrow door, and settled in an extremely narrow and inaccessible place to reach the ceiling. Part 2 of the work consisted of some maintenance of the atrium in one of its showrooms. Enjoy and contact us for more information!

Tree Care Equipment Wishlist

6 Tree Pros Share Their Equipment Wish List

6 Tree Pros Share Their Equipment Wish List

The Tree Care Industry is constantly being introduced to new innovative products that is making tree care work faster, safer, and more efficient. This previous year has been no different, and 6 Tree Care Professionals have shared their ultimate equipment wish list. 

David Raines of Raines Tree Care (Rogers, Arkansas) has been checking out the tracked aerial lift market, as he sees the great potential & versatility of the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro. Raines describes how the spider lift will help because "a lot of trees are pretty unsafe to climb. The cool thing about the tracked man lifts is that you can get them though 36-inch gates. You can also get them in small areas, level them and … they’d make for pretty quick work, and safer work. That’s the main reason that I would like to have one — for the safety of working on trees that are so sketchy to climb," (Raines, Tree Services Magazine).

To read the full article and see more about why Raines is eyeing the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro, click here.

New Video: Journey Inside CMC

Journey Inside CMC

See How CMC Tracked Aerial Lifts Are Made

In this video created by CMC, take a virtual journey through their headquarters and catch a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes, and how these advanced tracked aerial lifts are made!

Tree Care Lift Hawaii

Delivery: 83HD+ Arbor Pro to Honolulu, Hawaii

83HD+ Arbor Pro

Delivery to Hawaii

CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro - Honolulu, HI

Honolulu, Hawaii-July 18, 2017

The CMC 83HD + Arbor Pro is the best tree care elevator on the market today, and a brand new is on its journey from Boston to Honolulu, Hawaii. This delivery marks the second customer All Access team has worked with base outside of Hawaii.

Technical Specifications

  • 83 ft Working Height
  • Up to 46 feet of lateral reach
  • 35 "Wide Travel mode, enter any 36" door
  • 8,500 lbs
  • Adjustable tracks vertically/horizontally
  • Automatically levels and configures on slopes up to 19 °
  • Articulation of 90 ° Jib
  • Basket rotation 90 °
  • +/-400 ° turret rotation

For more information on the CMC 83HD + Arbor Pro and see the specifications and complete features, click here.