What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

At the Tree Care Industry Show, we caught up with a few of our proud customers and here's what they had to say about owning an All Access Equipment CMC Tracked Aerial Lift.

A BIG thank you to:

Benjamin Woodard, Woodman Tree Service
Braden Guenot, Tree Team Inc.
Carlos McClintock, Greater Pitt Tree Service
David Wells, Wells Tree & Landscape Inc.
Jared Baxter, Get-R-Cut
John Murphy, Artistic Tree & Landscape Creations
Josh Guin, Oakbros Tree Removal & Stump Grinding
Bill Seymour, Seymour Tree Service
Casey McCarty, The Tree Guy
Tony Wendland, Urban Tree Specialists
And all of our All Access Equipment customers around the country.
If you would like to share your own experience with your CMC Tracked Lift, give us a call as we would love to feature you and hear your story!
tracked lift climbing slope

(VIDEO) Providing Simple Solutions for Difficult Access

Providing Simple Solutions for Difficult Access

Our CMC Tracked Aerial Lifts are the most advanced in the industry. Our Arbor Pro Series was specifically designed for Tree Care in America. Our CMC Tracked Aerial Lifts are fast, versatile, extremely compact, and incredibly safe. Learn more about our team at All Access Equipment, and see how we can help you work faster & safer everyday.

(VIDEO) Lenny’s Story: Why We Do What We Do

Lenny's Story

Why We Do What We Do

In this video, we share a true story about how a horrible tree climbing accident led to the pioneering and introduction of tracked aerial lifts in America. There was a severe need for a faster and safer way than climbing trees, so Lenny & Scott set out on an international trip to find a better solution.


The solution was a tracked aerial lift that is designed specifically for tree care in America. A compact lift that can climb steep slopes, setup on uneven terrain, has a rugged design and most importantly, can enter backyard gates was something no one has ever seen before, so bringing it back to the American tree care industry was a no-brainer. For Lenny, he's on a mission to help people work faster and safer, and to help prevent another tree climber's injury like his own, and to save lives.


We hope you enjoy this story, and are inspired to help us in our pursuit to working faster and safer everyday.

Stay tuned for the next video on Monday showing what we are all about!

72HD+ Bucket Truck of the Future

CMC 72HD+ Truck Mount

The CMC 72HD+ Truck Mount

The Most Advanced & Versatile Tracked Aerial Lift

The new CMC 72HD+ Arbor Pro is the MOST ADVANCED & VERSATILE tracked aerial lift for Tree Companies, Parks Departments, and Municipalities. Work safer, faster, and more efficiently with superior productivity advantages. Replaces bucket trucks, climbers, and other lifts with ONE, more efficient and easy to use lift.

tracked lift
spider lift
tracked aerial lift
narrow access lift
Truck Mount 72HD+


The Crane Man School

The Crane Man, Inc School Featuring the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro

The Crane Man, Inc School April 2019 - Wayne, PA

Featuring the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro

The Crane Man School

April 3rd-6th, 2019

The Crane Man, Inc. is a crane rental service based out of Bucks County, Pa. They service customers in Eastern Pennsylvania, and parts of New Jersey and Delaware. The Crane Man offers schooling for hands-on training to give climbers real world experience and familiarity with rigging and cutting techniques used in crane removals.

The Crane Man School

This year's event took place in Wayne, PA and began on April 3rd and ended on April 6th. The Crane Man invited All Access Equipment out to attend the event and use our tracked lift to aid in the training course. This schooling course specializes in rigging and cutting techniques used in crane and knuckleboom removals. Also included are 19.5 CTSP credits, 21 ISA CEU's for registered students.

The event was entirely full with 60 students and over 100+ attendees. With an arsenal of the industry's most advanced equipment, this was bound to be an incredible educational experience for everyone involved. Our CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro being designed for the American tree care industry was the perfect fit to help the trainers engage with the students. The CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro allowed the trainers to climb into the basket and go right up with the climbers and talk to them while just several feet away to help teach the process and execution, rather than from the ground.


This schooling course provided by The Crane Man is focused on teaching arborists and climbers the safest and most efficient practices. Promoting safety & efficiency, the best equipment featuring these traits were on site. Some of the best cranes, the best ropes, and the best tracked aerial lift. The CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro, in addition to the other models in the CMC Arbor Pro Series, is the safest, fastest, and most efficient tracked aerial lift in the arborist industry. This was also a great opportunity for arborists to get familiar with the CMC tree care lift and really see it in action.


Best lifts for tree care

Spring Is Here! What’s Your Color?

Spring Is Here! What's the Color of Your Choice?

All Access Equipment's CMC Tracked Aerial Lifts are becoming extremely popular in the recent years due to their unmatched advanced features, rugged design, and their compact width. Although our most popular color is our standard factory red, did you know that there are over 200+ other colors to choose from? With the increase in popularity, make your lift standout among the rest and most importantly, order your lift in a color that matches your company's brand. This will help identify your lift, and associate it with your company. Want to take it a step further? Get custom decals made with your company name across the upper boom! These two things in combination will make your lift truly yours, and one of a kind. No matter the color, you are getting the same feature-loaded, advanced CMC Tracked Aerial Lift, for all of our models.



*Please Note: Custom color machines are considered special order machines. These require up to 90 days for delivery due to the custom paint job at the time of manufacturing.
*Please Note: We do not do any fluorescent or metallic colors due to the fact that they fade in the sun.


spider lift window cleaning

Photo Contest 2 – Results

Photo Contest 2 - Results!

Our second photo contest has been a lot of fun and we received so many incredible photo submissions, it was tough to pick the winners! Amazing shots of tree care, facility maintenance, glass cleaning, and more from all over the USA, featuring several different models of CMC tracked aerial lifts. After long and careful consideration, we narrowed it down to the three winners:

1st Place - Varsity Facility Services (Chattanooga, TN)



John, of Varsity Facility Services (TN), sent in some incredible shots of their CMC 83HD+. We chose this as the top submission for several reasons. Congratulations John!

1) Impressive job site: difficult access, extreme setup, telescoped reach, and more.
2) High quality image: the photo was sent with high resolution, clarity, the lift was in focus, and there weren’t overpowering shadows.
3) Proper PPE & safe practices: basket operator is wearing all proper PPE (helmet & harness), and the lift is properly & safely setup on the slope.

Browse their other incredible submissions below!

Narrow access lift

2nd Place - Frontier Tree Service (New Jersey)


Kevin, of Frontier Tree Service (NJ), submitted several great photos of their CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro working. Our favorite among their submissions was this one of the lift set up in a backyard around a pool.

1) Impressive job site: One of the most important values of a CMC lift is that it gets you into areas that have been previously impossible or inaccessible. This image shows the lift using its full potential, and what makes it special.
2) High quality image: the photo was sent with high resolution, clarity, the lift was in focus, and there weren’t overpowering shadows.
3) Proper PPE & safe practices: basket operator is wearing all proper PPE (helmet & harness), and the lift is properly & safely setup around the pool.

3rd Place - A.W. Flay Tree Surgeon (Virginia)


A.W. Flay Tree Surgeon (VA) submitted a bunch of great photos, but this one stood out to us the most due to it’s awesome action shot and impressive up & over reach.

1) Impressive job site: One feature that makes the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro stand out among its competitors is the up & over reach, thanks to its articulating and telescoping upper & lower booms.
2) High quality image: the photo was sent with high resolution, clarity, the lift was in focus, and there weren’t overpowering shadows.

Honorable Mentions

Thank you to all who participated!

This was a fantastic photo contest. We have received many pictures, and they were even better than the last contest. We’re excited for the next one!

If your photo submission isn’t featured here, here are a few things to consider for the next contest:

  1. Is my image high quality? (high resolution, not edited, no dark shadows, focused. If you zoom in, is it clear?)
  2. Are the personnel in the photo wearing proper safety gear?
  3. Ask us if you have questions! (media@allaccessequipment.com)
Tracked Lift Tree Work

Keuka Lake: 83HD+ Arbor Pro

Keuka Lake: The CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro

A Difficult Access Job Site Made Easy

At a restrictive and difficult access lake front job site, the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro was called for duty. With its 35″ compact transport mode, the tracked lift was able to drive alongside of the house, down about a 15° slope to reach the setup site. The setup site had numerous obstacles in the way, making it even more restrictive to setup a lift here. With the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro’s outrigger configuration, the lift is able to setup with two outriggers on wide, and two on narrow, allowing for a much narrower footprint. This narrow footprint allows the operator to setup in between trees, and underneath the elevated porch deck. Follow the images in order below to see how the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pr was the perfect aerial lift solution for this job, and why it is the perfect solution for many other previously inaccessible jobs. Enjoy!

With the capability to raise the jib for additional ground clearance, the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro made easy work of this sloped entry.

Tracked Lift Tree Work

The 83HD+ Arbor Pro tracked down this rugged slope to access the job site behind the house.

The narrow footprint of the CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro allowed the operator to set this lift in between large trees and an elevated porch deck.

Tracked Lift Tree Work

Introducing: NEW 2019 CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro

The NEW 2019 CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro

New Features, New Controls, New Arbor Pro

All Access Equipment is delighted and excited to introduce the new and improved 2019 CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro lift!

The NEW 60HD+ Arbor Pro now comes equipped standard with wireless radio remote controls for all operations including track driving, outrigger setup, and operating the booms, that can be controlled from the basket.

Radio remote now also doubles as basket boom control station. The new control system allows the operator to drive the lift from the basket, as well as deploying the outriggers, utilizing the new automatic chassis leveling system. This is a substantial time saving improvement, over the previous cumbersome generation, which required the operator to park the booms, descend from the basket, switch modes, manually operate the outrigger levers, swith modes again, drive the lift to the next destination, switch modes, manually operate the outrigger controls, spend time leveling the chassis, then switch modes again, re-enter the basket and operate the lift.

This new 2019 version allows the operator to become 80% more efficient.

A Kubota Z602-E3B diesel engine replaces the previous HATZ diesel engine and provides 17 horsepower.

The NEW 2019 CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro still shares the advantageous original chassis and outrigger system, which allows the most compact footprint of any 60 ft lift. With 62 ft working height, up to 38 ft of lateral reach, a compact width of 35”, and weight of 6,700 lbs, this all allows this nimble lift to enter and work in the tightest work areas.

The CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro is part of the “ARBOR PRO” series, designed specifically for the American tree care market, similarly to the 83HD+ Arbor Pro, and the NEW 72HD+ Arbor Pro.

The CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro comes equipped with a long list of productivity features that help keep you working faster & safer. The new ability to drive the lift on the tracks and deploy the outriggers from the basket allows for much faster operation, will definitively make a massive operational difference, allowing the operator to move from one setup zone to another in just minutes without ever having to exit the basket. The NEW CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro model leads the Arbor Pro series with the smallest footprint setup of either 9′ 9″ x 9′ 9″ OR 11′ 6” x 11’ 6”. This extraordinary compact footprint allows operators to access extremely tight quarters that have been previously inaccessible to other bulky lifts or bucket trucks, getting jobs done that others cannot, while safer & easier at the same time.

The NEW CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro lift with 60 ft working height and up to 38 ft lateral reach, is the tree industry leading lift in this size class outperforming all other competitors, with best combination of furthest lateral reach, ability to enter 36″ gates, ability to set up on extreme slopes, and the most compact foot print. This all provides the capability to access several trees without having to move and set up the lift multiple times.

wireless remote controls track lift

The new wireless remote control system can be used for driving the tracks and deploying the outriggers. This controller also doubles as the basket control station, where you can then additionally operate the booms.

Side reach 60 ft tracked lift

The 60HD+ Arbor Pro offers up to 38 ft of side reach, leading its class of 60 ft lifts.

Work Truck Direct All Access CMC Lifts

New Dealer: Work Truck Direct Equipment

New Dealer: Work Truck Direct Equipment

ALL ACCESS EQUIPMENT has teamed up with Work Truck Direct (WTD), out of Bend, OR. WTD is serving All Access Equipment as a certified dealer for CMC tracked aerial lifts. Work Truck Direct is providing sales, demos, and service for the CMC lifts, making it much easier & accessible for customers out on the northern front of the west coast. Simple Solutions for Difficult Access!

To learn more about Work Truck Direct Equipment, visit their website, and call to get in touch with them directly regarding our CMC Lifts at 888-998-6909.