The WL 25

Articulated Loader  WL25

The articulated loader WL25  has the ability to enter 36" gates. This kind of articulating unit causes no turf damage, has an exceptional sharp turning radius, and has a respectable load carrying capacity for such a small loader. The versatile quick tool attachment allows multiple implement usage. This loader is able to operate in extremely tight quarters with ease. The WL25 does not come equipped with any attachments, however just about any universal equipment piece can be ordered with the quick-connect feature. Attachments vary from plows, grapples, snow blades, buckets, pallet forks, sweepers, and more. 

Advantages of the WL25: Outstanding visibility, it's safe to use, a sharp looking unit, and it is a fast operating & quiet machine!

Standard Features

Heavy duty hydrostatic all wheel drive
Compact heavy duty axles
4 Post ROPS bar, with screen and clear plexiglass
Foldable ROPS for low ceiling access
Easily liftable cab for engine compartment access
Adjustable suspension seat for comfortable operation
Electronic instrument cluster planel
Hour meter
Heavy duty H-frame
Quick attach connect/disconnect universal tool adapter
Double-float hydraulic controls
One-hand multi-function joystick controls right side of the seat
Center pivot hydraulic steering
Front and rear lights
Locking axle service brake
Hand brake
Quick connect hydraulic connections in front
Hydraulic fluid cooler including cooling fan


Standard Equipped: Kohler 3 cylinder water cooled diesel engine
Meets US/Canada Tier 4 emissions. Interim compliant.


Ability to enter 36" gates
Articulating unit causes no turf damage
Articulating unit has exceptional sharp turning radius
Respectable load carrying capacity for a small loader
Versatile quick tool attachment, allows multiple implement usage
Able to operate in extremely tight quarters, with greatest ease
Outstanding visibility - safer to operate
Sharp looking unit
Fast operating machine
Quiet machine


Hydraulics: Sauer Danfoss hydraulics
Standard tires: 27-8.50-15 tires (35.7" overall width)
Optional tires: 26-12.00-15 turf flotation tires (40.25" overall width)
Operating weight 2,992 lbs
Max lifting force 4,145 lbs
Tipping/working load 1780/890 lbs
Driving speed 0-9 mph
Overall length (w/o bucket) 9.06 ft
Overall width cab 29"
Max width with standard tires 35.7"
Max width with optional turf tires 40.25"
Max cab height 86.25"
Max bucket dumping height 9 ft 4"
Quality components: Perkins diesel engine, Sauer Danfoss hydraulics

* For more detailed specifications, download the Forway WL25 specsheet below.

Optional Features

Standard sand bucket
Standard bucket
4 in 1 bucket
360° rotating log grapple
Pallet forks
Snow blade
Sweeper (single)
Sweeper (with cover)
Set of 12" wide tires & rims
Strobe and backup alarm package
Turf flotation tires & rims (increases width to 40")
Electric (European) quick attach universal tool adapter
Any available implement in the market, equipped with a universal quick attach, can also be used

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83HD+ Arbor Pro & WL25 Backyard Tree Removal