Aluminum Dual Axle Trailer

12,000 GVWR // 1,350 lbs

Aluminum Trailer - Dual Axle 12,000 GVWR

The aluminum trailer by Mission Trailers is a lightweight, but heavy duty trailer. The trailer only weighs 1,900 lbs, but has a GVWR of 12,000. The aluminum trailer is built with two 6,000 lb capacity Dexter torsion axles and 16" tires. The trailer is de-rated to 9,990 lbs GVWR to meet DOT rules. The trailer has electric self-adjusting brakes on both axles as well to ensure a safe and smooth ride. The deck is 16 feet in length with an extended tongue. With extra long aluminum ramps, it is extremely easy to drive our tracked lifts and any other equipment right up onto the trailer in just seconds. An aluminum hinge pin provides 30" of ramp adjustment on each side, allowing more maneuverability. The overall length is 22' and the overall width is 96". To learn more about this aluminum trailer by Mission, contact us for more info or see our trailer brochure.