Glass cleaning CMC 83HD+ tracked lift

83HD+ Window Cleaning Rental

The CMC 83HD+: Window Cleaning Rental Job

Northshore, MA - June 18th, 2016

The 83HD+ tracked lift by CMC proved to be the perfect solution for this difficult access glass facade cleaning job. With a narrow doorway to enter, and tight quarters to setup, the 83HD+ was able to access this job site and begin working in just minutes with no hassle. Equipped with lithium ion batteries, the glass cleaning company doing the job was able to complete the whole facade in just a few hours, with no need to recharge, plug-in, or refuel. While operating on the lithium ion batteries, there is almost no noise coming from machine, making it a much more pleasant working environment for an indoor facility as such. This spider lift provided exactly what was needed; up to 83 ft of working height, up to 46 ft of lateral outreach, compact dimensions, & fast operation.

To learn more about the 83HD+ by CMC, see our product page.