Track Lift and Bucket Truck

The New 83HD+ Arbor Pro vs. Bucket Trucks

Compare: The 83HD+ vs. A Bucket Truck

You can get a pretty good feel on how the 83HD+ works compared to a bucket truck. If you are already used to a bucket truck, you will love this tracked aerial lift. -- Read on to learn more!

This lift articulates much like a bucket truck, except the lower boom does not go over center. However, the lower boom and upper boom both telescope in/out about 20 ft each, which saves an immense amount of time, because right now you waste a lot of time articulating around trees, branches and obstacles with a bucket lift that cannot "shrink" its booms. Being able to reduce the length of booms is a big time saver. The 83HD+ lift also has a jib that moves 90° up/down, allowing you to go up, over and down around branches, when trimming.

Basket also rotates left and right, giving you substantial more versatility. Small detail, but when you are in a "fixed" basket like in a bucket truck, you often wind up "being on the wrong side of the tree, with the boom in your way", now you have to reach over/lay over the boom to reach the over side of a tree. With the basket rotation, not only are you always on the "right side", but you can actually instantly with the flick of a button - "rotate the basket around the tree", so now you are positioned in a comfortable position, saving more time. In a bucket truck, you might have to completely re-position the entire truck, which is a big waste of time.

This lift also actually works faster than a bucket truck, since it is equipped with a new feature called"turbo hydraulics", a new hydraulic technology that allows you to operate up to "three functions (articulate both booms up/down at once, telescope and rotate) all at once at full speed". Right now your bucket truck and all other competitor lifts can only perform one function at full speed. If you try to do two or three functions, they either do not work or operate very slowly.

Another big advantage of this 83HD+ lift against bucket trucks and other competitor lifts, is that you can do everything right from the basket: You can drive the lift (2 speeds only in the basket, 3 speeds from the remote control), set up the outriggers and automatically self-level in 5 seconds, then immediately fly. This is fast, fast, fast and saves a lot of time.

Most competitor lifts, you have to get down from the basket, raise the outriggers manually, pick up outrigger pads manually, switch modes, then drive the lift to another location, put the outriggers down, place outrigger pads, level the lift manually, then climb in the basket again. This can easily WASTE 15 minutes’ time, every time you move the lift. Big waste of time and this costs you a lot of money. If you are in a bucket truck, it is even worse: You have to park the booms, get down from the top of the truck, raise the outriggers, pick up the outrigger pads, drive the truck forward/reverse or maneuver into position, then repeat the entire process again to level the bucket, Huge waste of time.

The 83HD+ is a fast, light and nimble machine. It reaches up to 83 ft working height and up to 46 ft lateral outreach, yet it easily enters 36" gates, self-levels in 5 seconds and works, works works. You can also reach up to 20 ft "below grade".

The abilities all the above with ONE lift, gives any tree service a huge advantage. Far more versatility than any bucket truck or competitor tracked lift.

The 83HD+ will replace the bucket truck, trailer lifts, other self-propelled lifts and the tree climbing gear. "You will never climb another tree again".

Finally, basic price of this lift configured for tree work is priced nearly much less than a smaller, less capable and more expensive to purchase, operate and maintain, 75 ft bucket truck. Even compared and stacked against any similarly sized competitor aerial self-propelled machines, the 83HD+ is still a far better lift and a much better value.

You can also purchase real professional tree service options such as a hydraulic tool outlet, custom colors, trailers, etc., that nobody else offers.

In closing, this lift is the best all around, win, win situation for any tree company.

This is the future of tree care lifts for the tree care industry.