compact aerial lift Top Notch Tree Care 83 Arbor Pro

CMC 83HD Arbor Pro: First notch tree Care-Asheville, NC

All access equipment delivered a new 2017 CMC 83HD Arbor Pro to Asheville, NC this past spring. Since then, the first-rate tree care has been loving your elevator and finding a lot of use for it. With 83 feet of working height and up to 46 feet of lateral reach, this elevator will enter a 36 "backyard door with ease. This provides an advantage by being able to access and complete jobs faster than others cannot; Either with a bucket truck or climbing an unsafe and unhealthy tree. The 83HD Arbor Pro CMC is the only true elevator designed specifically for the tree care industry. Robust, reliable, and return on investment.

For more information on the 83HD Arbor Pro CMC, click here.

See the pictures below the 83HD Arbor Pro from the top of the notch tree in action.